Ethan Crough

Ethan Crough Ethan’s achievements in life are as a result of his varied background as a leader, guide, teacher, and actor. His career includes working with stars of movies and reality television, as a tour guide in New York City, and as a teacher.

Ethan Crough is currently a leader on the Board of Directors serving as Vice President of Membership for Little People of America, Inc. (LPA) and the Executive Director of Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation.

Ethan has over ten years of experience with LPA working on successful projects like a Times Square Public Service Announcement for Dwarfism Awareness Month, petitioning against a representative in the Florida legislature trying to overturn a ban on dwarf tossing, a Dwarfism Awareness Month campaign in Indiana, an advocacy trip to schools with “midget” as their mascot, and a language update for people of short stature with the Associated Press.

In his role as Director of the School Foundation for Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation, Ethan is increasing the visibility of the foundation in the community, leading successful fundraising efforts, creating collaborative educational efforts with community partners, and most importantly - helping fund the gap between tax dollars and needs of students and teachers.

As an actor, Ethan has performed professionally on stage at Radio City Music Hall, with a national tour, at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade theater, with Second City Communications, as a stand-up comedian, an improvisational actor, and in various commercials and films. 

His previous experience also includes working at the Bartholomew County Public Library, as a teacher, an environmental educator in San Francisco, a National Park Service guide at the Statue of Liberty, a writer in Montana, and an actor in New York City.

He lives in Columbus, IN with his wife, Emily and their two children.