Juana Guzman

Juana GuzmanFor over thirty years, Juana Guzman has served as nationally acclaimed arts manager, earned income specialist and consultant to non-profit organizations and governmental and philanthropic sectors. Throughout her career, Ms. Guzman has championed the promotion and preservation of arts, culture and heritage as a catalyst for social change for diverse American populations.  Since 1980 to present Ms. Guzman has developed and implemented strategies that focused on organizational capacity building, alternative sources of revenue, entrepreneurial and tourism initiatives and strategies for non-profit organizations. As result, of this work, in 2012, Ms. Guzman left her position of thirteen years, as the Vice-President of the National Museum of Mexican Arts (NMMA) in Chicago, the largest accredited Latino arts institution in the United States, to continue her work as an a consultant focusing on “Enhanced Revenue for Creative Markets.”

Prior to bringing her skills and passion to NMMA, Ms. Guzman served as the Director of Community Cultural Development for the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) for eighteen years. Ms. Guzman was responsible for a multi-cultural effort that created awareness and enhanced economic opportunities for Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods such as; the “Chicago Neighborhood Tours” program, creation of community-based retail shops and arts carts and management of a city-wide grants program for the DCA that included rallying and receiving over $8.1 million dollars as part of the City of Chicago’s Empowerment Zone’s Cultural Diversity Program. Juana Guzman’s expertise includes fundraising, organizational capacity building, on-line ventures, community tourism, business and strategic planning, retailing, cultural facility development, artist’s live-work space and marketing. Between 2004 and 2008, Ms. Guzman served as a team technical advisor and consultant for the Ford Foundation‘s Shifting Sands Initiative, managed by Partners for Livable Communities in Washington, D.C. The initiative worked to reframe arts and cultural organizations as vital agents of community development through improving neighborhoods identity, social mobility and economic growth. In 2009-2011, Ms. Guzman’s expertise served as a consultant for Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC), which brought her on as a consultant. LINC is a national initiative aimed at improving the live/work conditions for artists working in all disciplines.