Career Overview

The Indiana State Excise Police are the law enforcement division of the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission and are fully certified police officers with powers across the state of Indiana.  The primary mission of the agency is to provide professional and efficient law enforcement service with an emphasis on Indiana's alcohol & tobacco laws.  Along with their law enforcement responsibilities, Excise Officers are also charged with the administrative enforcement of Indiana alcohol & tobacco laws in any and all establishments that hold an alcoholic beverage permit and/or a tobacco sales certificate.  Some typical duties of an officer are listed below, but are not all inclusive as their assignments can often change daily.

  • Patrol large scale sporting events and concert venues
  • Patrol college campuses on a routine basis, including during sporting events and tailgating
  • Investigate citizen complaints in licensed establishments
  • Alcohol compliance checks
  • Determine suitability for licensure of those who apply for a permit to manufacture, transport and sell alcoholic beverages in the State of Indiana
  • Act as liaisons between the ATC and Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies
  • Providing training and education to permittees about the laws of Indiana Title 7.1
  • Preparing arrest and violation reports for both criminal and administrative cases
  • Examining records and documents to verify information concerning suspected violations of the law
  • Testifying in criminal court proceedings as well as administrative hearings