Official Opinions of Attorney General Curtis T. Hill, Jr

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2009-1  Dual Office Holding (Hammond City Council/Hammond Port Authority)

2009-2  Conflict in Statutory Amendments Passed During the Same Legislative Session (CORRECTED VERSION reposted on June 15, 2009)

2009-3  Hoosier Fund Indiana Local Government Investment Pool             

2009-4  Authority for Oversight of Township Emergency Services

2009-5 Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs; Role of Proxies

2009-6 Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority


2010-1 Civil Forfeitures and the Common School Fund

2010-2 School Bus Rider Fees

2010-3 Legal Authority of City Redevelopment Commissions to Borrow and Bond

2010-4 Prosecutors Offices and Hatch Act

2010-5 Knox County Council Ordinance No. 2009-3


2011-1 - School Bus Fees via Third Party Provider

2011-2 Disposition of Uncashed Warrants Issued by the State Auditor

2011-3 County School Reorganization Plan

2011-4 Governor's Commission on Minority and Women's Business Enterprises and State Educational    


2011-5 Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds

2011-6  Proposed City Ordinance in Fort Wayne

2011-7 Right to Transfer into Local Public School After Attendance at Charter School

2011-8 Sales Tax Collection Obligations in Relation to Out-of-State Purchasers

2011-9 Denying or Delaying Enrollment to Students who Attempt to Enroll After Deadline


2012-1 Slot Machine Wagering Taxes

2012-2 Contract Administrator for Project-Based Section Housing Assistance Payments Contracts

2012-3 Indiana Highway Laws of 1956 concerning weight limits

2012-4 Issuance of Driver's Licenses to Individuals in Deferred Action Status

2012-5 Inclusion or exclusion of Indiana State Prison inmates when calculating population for purposes of city              council districts


2013-1 Choice Scholarship Program

2013-2 Disbursement of county funds with county council appropriation 

2013-3 Authority to prevent and control non-point source pollution

2013-4 Indiana's Power of Attorney Statute

2013-5 Process for Creation of Historic Preservation Districts

2013-6 State Boundary on the Wabash River

2013-7 Limited Liability for Agritourism Activities 

2013-8 Applicability of Modified Adjusted Gross Income Methodology to State Plan Amendment


2014-1 Medical Review Panel Chair Removal for Good Cause After 15 Days


2015-1 Standing Orders by Indiana Prescribers under "Aaron's Law"

  • Click here for a chart detailing different paths to Naloxone as authorized by Aaron's Law.

2015-2 IEERB's Ability to Invoke the Rule of Necessity 

2015-3 Indiana Death Registration System (IDRS)

2015-4 River Ridge Development Authority 

2015-5 Dual Office Holding Inquiries

2015-6 Section 501(c)(3) organizations practicing dentistry

2015-7  Representation in Administrative Hearings 


2016-1 Civil Liability Protection for Prescribers of Auto-Injectable Epinephrine

2016-2 Electronic Payment Policy and Electronic Funds Transfer

2016-3 Illinois Grain Elevators Participating in Indiana's Grain Indemnity Program

2016-4 Payment of County Recording Fees


2017-1 Municipal Regulation of Golf Carts

2017-2 Dual Office Holding Inquiry

2017-3 Sunday Sales of Non-Motorized Trailers