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Office of the Indiana Attorney General

Attorney General > About the Office > Advisory & Opinions > Official Opinions of Attorney General Curtis T. Hill, Jr Official Opinions of Attorney General Curtis T. Hill, Jr

To reach archived office opinions of the Indiana Attorney General, click here.


2009-1  Dual Office Holding (Hammond City Council/Hammond Port Authority)

2009-2  Conflict in Statutory Amendments Passed During the Same Legislative Session (CORRECTED VERSION reposted on June 15, 2009)

2009-3  Hoosier Fund Indiana Local Government Investment Pool             

2009-4  Authority for Oversight of Township Emergency Services

2009-5 Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs; Role of Proxies

2009-6 Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority


2010-1 Civil Forfeitures and the Common School Fund

2010-2 School Bus Rider Fees

2010-3 Legal Authority of City Redevelopment Commissions to Borrow and Bond

2010-4 Prosecutors Offices and Hatch Act

2010-5 Knox County Council Ordinance No. 2009-3


2011-1 - School Bus Fees via Third Party Provider

2011-2 Diposition of Uncashed Warrants Issued by the State Auditor

2011-3 County School Reorganization Plan

2011-4 Governor's Commission on Minority and Women's Business Enterprises and State Educational    


2011-5 Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds

2011-6  Proposed City Ordinance in Fort Wayne

2011-7 Right to Transfer into Local Public School After Attendance at Charter School

2011-8 Sales Tax Collection Obligations in Relation to Out-of-State Purchasers

2011-9 Denying or Delaying Enrollment to Students who Attempt to Enroll After Deadline


2012-1 Slot Machine Wagering Taxes

2012-2 Contract Administrator for Project-Based Section Housing Assistance Payments Contracts

2012-3 Indiana Highway Laws of 1956 concerning weight limits

2012-4 Issuance of Driver's Licenses to Individuals in Deferred Action Status

2012-5 Inclusion or exclusion of Indiana State Prison inmates when calculating population for purposes of city              council districts


2013-1 Choice Scholarship Program

2013-2 Disbursement of county funds with county council appropriation 

2013-3 Authority to prevent and control non-point source pollution

2013-4 Indiana's Power of Attorney Statute

2013-5 Process for Creation of Historic Preservation Districts

2013-6 State Boundary on the Wabash River

2013-7 Limited Liability for Agritourism Activities 

2013-8 Applicability of Modified Adjusted Gross Income Methodology to State Plan Amendment


2014-1 Medical Review Panel Chair Removal for Good Cause After 15 Days


2015-1 Standing Orders by Indiana Prescribers under "Aaron's Law"

  • Click here for a chart detailing different paths to Naloxone as authorized by Aaron's Law.

2015-2 IEERB's Ability to Inovke the Rule of Necessity 

2015-3 Indiana Death Registration System (IDRS)

2015-4 River Ridge Development Authority 

2015-5 Dual Office Holding Inquiries

2015-6 Section 501(c)(3) organizations practicing dentistry

2015-7  Represenation in Adminstrative Hearings 


2016-1 Civil Liability Protection for Prescribers of Auto-Injectable Epinephrine

2016-2 Electronic Payment Policy and Electronic Funds Transfer

2016-3 Illinois Grain Elevators Participating in Indiana's Grain Indemnity Program

2016-4 Payment of County Recording Fees


2017-1 Municpal Regulation of Golf Carts

2017-2 Dual Office Holding Inquiry

2017-3 Sunday Sales of Non-Motorized Trailers