Official Opinions of the Indiana Attorney General


2008-1  Applicability of the Indiana Tort Claims Act

2008-2  HEA 1001 and Transfer of Assessor Duties

2008-3  Power of a municipality to implement a "red light camera" program

2008-4  Disposition of Uncashed Indiana Tax Refund and Prisoner Discharge Checks

2008-5  Public Works Projects by School Corporations


2007-01 Issuance of a retail beer permit to a limited liability company, one of whose members is a law enforcement officer

2007-02 Taxicab driver exemption from the passenger restraint law

2007-03  Passenger Restraint Laws under Indiana Code Chapter 9-19-10


2006-01 Indiana Code section 4-13-2-14.8

2006-02 The Indiana Gaming Commission's authority to oversee local development agreements

2006-03 Legal Status of the Consolidated City of Indianapolis

2006-04 Disqualification from Assuming or Being a Candidate for Elected Office under Indiana Code section 3-8-1-5


2005-01 Indiana Code section 36-8-4-6.5
2005-02 Whether a Garnishee is Considered a Defendant for the Purposes of Collecting Court Filing Fees under Indiana Code section 33-37-4-6 or 33-37-5-28


2004-01 Constitutionality of "special legislation"
2004-02 Indiana Education Roundtable recommendations to the Indiana State Board of Education
2004-03 Solemnization of marriages under Indiana law
2004-04 Official duties of Circuit Court Clerks regarding marriage licenses
2004-05 Contracts for banking services for state agencies
2004-06 Existing and Planned Runways
2004-07 Gambling Tax Revenues and Historic Preservation
2004-08 Department of Insurance Bulletin 123
2004-09 Compensation for Elected City Officer
2004-10 Distribution of Wagering Tax Under Indiana Code Section 4-33-13-5


2003-01 Distribution of County Option Income Tax
2003-02 Local ordinances and state laws
2003-03 School corporations unfunded retirement of severance liability
2003-04 Compensating firefighters for substituted hours
2003-05 Withdrawal from principal of the common school fund
2003-06 Smoking bans
2003-07 Political subdivision establishment of Rainy Day Funds
2003-08 Redevelopment Commission's acquisition and disposition of property


2002-01 Authority of State Ethics Commission to enforce Executive Orders
2002-02 Funding for charter schools
2002-03 Jurisdiction of the Committee over computer software/hardware training programs
2002-04 Validity of county ordinance conferring merit status on deputy prosecutors
2002-05 Payment by public employers of group health insurance premiums
2002-06 Inventory Tax Deduction - HEA 1001


2001-02 North Miami School Corporation and Indiana intercept statute
2001-03 Access to 911 database
2001-04 Constitutionality of school health service fees
2001-05 Political affiliation of appointees to county health board
2001-06 Use of Ind. Code § 36-8-16 funds to purchase radio equipment
2001-07 Use of proceeds of fundraising activities by a Soil and Water Conservation District
2001-08 Interpretation of IC 31-19-28-1 governing adoption decrees from foreign jurisdictions
2001-09 Legality of a "Skill Slot" machine
2001-10 Authority of County Treasurer to audit for compliance with Innkeeper's Tax
2001-11 Terms of employment for deputy prosecuting attorneys
2001-12 White County Bridge Commission
2001-13 Community College system