Recommended Construction for 4 Months

Recommended specifications: Note: Overall length and width may vary

  1. Height of inside pen at least 6 feet or 3 times the height of the dog at the shoulder.

  2. Height of outside pen at least 4 feet.

  3. Floor of inner pen should be covered with chain link extending at least 1 1/2 feet from inner pen wall toward center of pen or down in the ground to prevent digging out.

  4. Feeding and cleaning enclosure and door recommended to prevent human contact with animal during feeding cage cleaning.

  5. Posts: 4 x 4 pressure-treated wood or equivalent; driven or set in concrete, 1 1/2 feet down.

  6. Inside pen: Wire chain link 12 1/2 gauge or lower, or equivalent. Welded mesh or diamond link.

  7. Outside pen: 1 foot x 1 foot hardware or poultry mesh or stronger.

Prepared by Veterinary Public Health, Biological Services Program, Consumer Health Services, New Jersey State Department of Health.