Animal Science Student Intern

Job Description

The Animal Science Intern works for the State Board of Animal Health performing veterinary work in the enforcement of the state's animal disease control, food safety or biosecurity programs.  Incumbent's duties will involve performing animal health tasks under the supervision of a BOAH veterinarian.

Incumbent must work tactfully with veterinarians; local, state and federal regulatory personnel; animal health specialists; animal owners, managers, agents, dealers; and the public in order to obtain their cooperation. These contacts are regular and recurring and require cooperative problem solving abilities in working to identify animal diseases and in working with the public to maintain the health of companion animals and Indiana farm animals.


  • Performs a variety of inspections on animals for diseases and pests to ensure that the livestock and/or animals meet State and Federal animal health or exhibition standards

  • Performs other regulatory inspections related to animal health, food safety, and biosecurity

  • Orders the rejection of animals presented for exhibition at fairs, shows and exhibitions that are not in compliance with State and Federal animal health or exhibition standards

  • Under the supervision of a BOAH veterinarian, collects samples from livestock and other animals and prepares specimens for shipment and laboratory testing

  • Maintains and submits a variety of records and reports on all phases of activities

  • Conducts investigations with local and state authorities on suspect cases of animal disease or inadequate care as directed by the State Veterinarian

  • Performs other food safety and homeland security tasks

  • Maintains the security and up keep of all state and federal equipment used in the accomplishment of daily activities

  • Other duties as assigned

Preferred Experience

Must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate with an accredited post-secondary institution and have completed at least one (1) year of undergraduate education.

  • General knowledge of animal husbandry and animal industry practices as acquired through a regular course of study as a 3rd or 4th year student in an animal science degree program.

  • Ability to learn and perform tissue/serum sample collections.

  • General knowledge of pertinent Federal and State laws and regulations.

  • Ability to secure compliance with laws and regulations firmly, tactfully, and impartially.

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates; farmers and livestock operators; local, state and federal government representatives; and the general public.

  • Ability to communicate tactfully and firmly with a variety of different people encountered on the job in an effective manner.

  • Ability to use current technology in the performance of the assigned duties including laptop computers, digital cameras, GPS devices, etc.

  • Possess a current motor vehicle operator's license.

  • Must be enrolled in and in good standing in an accredited program that will lead to a Bachelor's degree with a major or minor in animal science.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The State of Indiana is an Equal Opportunity Employer.