INK (Indiana Network of Knowledge)


The backbone for our data reports is an annual data collection from public colleges. However, in many cases collaboration enhances what our data tell us. The most notable example of such collaboration is the creation of the Indiana Network of Knowledge (INK), which links different data sources across the entire education-workforce pipeline.

Our Return on Investment Reports are made possible through INK’s unique ability to link labor market outcomes to higher education programs. Similarly, the College Readiness Reports rely on data matching between the Commission and the Department of Education. Following the merger of the Commission with the agency administering state financial aid, we have been able to link FAFSA and financial aid award information to data on GPA, credit completion and graduation rates, allowing us to evaluate student performance in our aid programs and make a strong data-driven case for reform.

As the sharing of information moves from ad hoc data sharing agreements to statutory, structural integration of information, we have the potential to learn much more and drive further policy change.