Entrepreneurial Inventory – PDF Reports

Pursuant to Indiana Code 21-18-9-6, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education has inventoried the entrepreneurship programs provided by postsecondary educational institutions in Indiana.  This inventory allows students to identify the educational opportunities that are available in the field of entrepreneurship.  Below is a list of public, private and proprietary institutions in which information regarding entrepreneurship programs is listed.  In addition, a summary overview is included to allow for comparison between institutions. 

Entrepreneurial Inventory Report by ICHE  

Overview of all institutions

Public Institutions

Private Institutions

Proprietary Education

All data has been provided to the Commission for Higher Education by the institutions.  This information has been organized into a generalized format.  Additional questions and follow up should be directed to the contact provided in each institution’s link.  Please notify the Commission for Higher Education regarding any inaccurate or missing information at yevgeniyam@che.in.gov