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Graduation Bonuses

Several Indiana colleges offer graduation incentives—bonuses if you complete on time. If you don’t see your school listed below, ask your advisor or the financial aid office whether there are any on-time graduation bonuses for your campus.

Ball State University

Ball State University offers an on-time graduation scholarship of $500 for students who graduate in four years. Additionally, summer tuition has been reduced.

Indiana State University

Indiana State University has launched the “Sycamore Graduation Guarantee,” which guarantees eligible students that they will be able to complete a bachelor’s degree within four years. If not, they will be able to enroll in remaining courses tuition-free.

Indiana University

Summer-session tuition has been lowered at Indiana University campuses to encourage students to take summer classes and finish their degrees faster. See whether a summer offering can help you graduate a semester or more earlier.

Indiana University Kokomo

The “Student Success Tuition Discount Program” provides discounted tuition for students who stay on track to graduate. If students commit to completing 30 credit hours per year, maintain continuous enrollment and make satisfactory academic progress, they will receive three successive years of discounted tuition (via scholarship). By the time you graduate, the savings equal one full year's tuition. Tuition discounts are 20% off the second year, 30% off the third year and 40% off the fourth year.

University of Southern Indiana

Reduced tuition for summer-session classes helps you gain a few credits over the summer months, and graduate earlier. Make sure you know which classes are offered and whether they will count towards your degree.

Vincennes University

The “Middle-Income Hoosier Scholarship” provides tuition reductions each semester to income-qualified students who maintain a 2.5 grade-point average.  Students who graduate within five semesters receive a $250 refund.

Performance-funding formula

Indiana’s funding system for public colleges includes an on-time completion incentive. Indiana is committed to helping students graduate on time and working with institutions to make a reality for more Hoosier students.