Additional Vendor Questions & Answers


Any changes or corrections acknowledged in the answers to the questions will be made in the appropriate standard and the revised service standards will be posted on the website with the revision date included to ensure that the correct version is available to everyone.

Note: These questions and answers were added on December 15, 2005.

Q.373 We are looking at services to foster families, especially as outlined in the 2006-2008 service standards recently released by the state (click here for the PDF). We don't want to duplicate or meet needs that don't exist, so to get a better idea of who is doing what and how it is going we would like a copy of the annual report that foster family service providers must furnish to regional directors (see instruction 11 on page 55 of the PDF). We want to provide assistance, but we want a better picture of the current activities to better see if we can be of service. Thanks for your time. Please contact me if you have any questions.

A.373 This is a new standard so there is no prior report to follow. The activities should follow the requirements of the service description.

Q.374 Could you tell me if there is a page limit for the narrative? Also, to avoid redundancy, is it fine to have an overview section that encompasses my organization's common information and then subsections that address each project's specific goals, objectives, etc.?

A.374 There is no page limit but it is very important to be concise in the narrative rather than regurgitating material from the RFF. You could write one comprehensive proposal with separate budgets provided for each service standard with the exception of Chafee Independent Living, FAKT, Intensive Family Preservation and Intensive Family Reunification Services, and Community Partners which must be separate proposals.

Q.375 Under non-standardized - do they need to complete a full proposal or letter?

A.375 Page 105-106 of the service standards indicates which programs require a proposal and which require a letter. If not listed as a non-standardized program on these pages, a complete proposal is required.

Q.376 If currently have IV-B funding - should keep under family preservation or another category?

A.376 Agencies should propose for services they are capable of providing regardless of the funding stream.

Q.377 Why is interviewing not a service standard?

A.377 The standards for services listed included required credentials for staff. Qualified staff will have knowledge, skills and abilities to conduct effective interviews. No additional standard will be developed.

Q.378 On non-standardized - outcomes need to be identified by provider?

A.378 Outcome measures are required on all proposals. If submitting a non-standardized program, the agency must indicate the intended outcomes and measures based on the service to be provided.

Q.379 As a "for profit" agency, we cannot obtain liability insurance to cover volunteers. At the same time, two attorneys have told us that if we have a role in screening volunteers for the IL program, we have liability. Our insurance carrier won't cover us. Therefore, are we not able to bid on IL services at all if we are unable to assist with providing volunteer mentors?

A.379 Mentors for IL youth are to be volunteers.