Building Plan Review FAQs

Plan Review Process

1  I want my project to be released as soon as possible. What deficiencies commonly hold up the review process?

2   How will I know when my plan review has been completed and released? ... or For the status of your project

Project Specific Questions

What documents and information are needed to obtain an early foundation release on a construction project when I don't have all the plans completed for submission?

4  If my project must be certified by a design professional, must the individual who does the construction inspection be an architect or engineer registered in Indiana? 

What if I don't know my project number? 

6  What code requirements will apply to my project? 


Who do I Contact If . . . ?

I am an architect or building owner and I have a specific question about my project. Who do I contact?

8  I'm a Contractor or Subcontractor - can I contact IDHS with questions about a project?

9  I am an architect or building owner and I have general questions about filing plans, fees, pre-screening process, etc. Who should I contact?


Do I need to file?

10  What buildings must have a design release issued by the state?

11 We are planning to build a pump house within our existing municipal sewage plant facility. Will a design release be required prior to construction?

12  We are going to replace our 100-ampere breaker panel with a 200-ampere panel. Must we obtain a design release for this work? 

13  What information is required to file a Chapter 34?


For all other general questions call 317-232-6422