Remodel or Addition

For an Existing Project

To file an Addendum to an existing project - Addendum Application

To file a Partial - Construction Design Release Application

To file a project electronically - Electronic Filing Information
NOTE: This is the PREFERRED Filing Method

For a New Project

To file a project electronically - Electronic Filing Information
NOTE: This is the PREFERRED Filing Method

Construction Design Release Application
(Complete and upload with drawing(s) when filing online)

What are the drawings required for filing?

  • Site plan showing dimensioned location of building to all property lines and to all existing buildings on the property, as well as width of any streets, access roadways or easements bordering the property.
  • Foundation and basement plans and details.
  • Dimensioned floor plans for all floors.
  • Fire and life safety plan showing graphically or by legend the location and rating of building elements such as area separation walls, smoke barriers, fire-resistive corridor walls, stair enclosures, shaft enclosures and horizontal exists.
  • Wall elevations of all exterior walls including adjacent ground elevation.
  • Sections and details of walls, floors and roof, showing dimensions, materials.
  • Structural plans and elevations showing size and location of all members, truss designs showing all connection details, and stress calculations.
  • Room finish schedule showing finishes for walls, ceilings and floors in all rooms, stairways, hallways and corridors.
  • Door schedule showing material, size, thickness and fire-resistive rating for all doors.
  • Electrical plans, diagrams, details and grounding of service entrance and power or lighting information required for energy conservation.
  • Plumbing plans showing location of fixtures, risers, drains, and piping isometrics.
  • Mechanical plans showing location and size of ductwork, equipment, fire dampers, smoke dampers and equipment schedules showing capacity.
  • Fire protection plans showing type of system, location of sprinkler heads, standpipes, hose connections, fire pumps, riser and hanger details.
  • Energy Code Information - ComCheck or Equivalent

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