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Secured School Safety Grant Program

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Since being signed in to law in 2013, the Indiana Secured School Safety Grant (SSSG) program has served as a critical resource to ensure Hoosier schools are safe and secure. The program has delivered more than $53 million in matching grants to Indiana school districts across the state to address potential safety threats and help them prepare. The program supports a dedicated state grant fund that provides matching grants to school corporations, accredited non-public schools, charter schools or a coalition of school corporations and/or charter schools applying jointly to:

  1. Employ a school resource officer (salary, benefits and basic 40-hr training course);
  2. Conduct a threat assessment; and/or
  3. Purchase equipment to restrict access to the school or expedite the notification of first responders;
  4. Support firearms training in districts that choose to implement such programs (new for FY20);
  5. Support the implementation of a student and parent support services program (new for FY20);
  6. Fund the one-time startup costs of an active alert warning system (new for FY 20)

The budget passed during the 2019 General Assembly session allocated $19.2 million to the SSSG program for school grants and administrative costs.

secured school grant funding table

For more information about the Secured School Safety Grant match requirements, click here.

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Latest Update

The application period for the Secured School Safety Grant is July 15 to August 2. Grant awards will be decided by September 1, 2019.

All schools interested in applying during the application window are required to submit information to the System Administrator Form. This is a required step to receive access to the IntelliGrants management system utilized by IDHS to administer grants. Please allow 72 hours to receive your login credentials for the system AFTER completing the system administrator form.

The following are requirements to request a grant from the SSSG program:

  • Ensure your district participates in a County School Safety Commission (required to receive the grant).
  • Ensure your bidder number is registered with the state.
  • Ensure you are a registered vendor with the state.
  • Prepare your plan for conducting a threat assessment for your school/district.
  • Identify your Federal Tax ID
  • Identify your School Corporation number