Topographic Maps

The following is a list of the U. S. Geological Survey 7 1/2 minute series (1:24,000 scale) topographic maps for the streams included in this guide. Please address all correspondence to:

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Route Segment: Quad Maps

Big Pine Creek

  1. Rainsville Bridge to Twin Bridges: Pine Village, Williamsport
  2. Twin Bridges to Ouabache Park: Williamsport, Attica

Big Walnut Creek

  • Putnam/Hendricks County Line to US36: North Salem, Roachdale
  • US36 to Greencastle: Roachdale, Greencastle, Clinton Falls

Blue River

  1. Fredericksburg to Milltown: Fredericksburg, Hardinsburg, Milltown
  2. Milltown to Rothrock Mill: Milltown
  3. Rothrock Mill to Harrison-Crawford State Forest: Milltown, Depauw, Corydon, Leavenworth
  4. Harrison-Crawford State Forest to the Ohio River: Leavenworth

Deep River

  1. Deep River County Park to Arizona Avenue Bridge: Palmer, Crown Point, Gary
  2. Arizona Avenue Bridge to Central Avenue: Gary, Portage

Driftwood River

  1. Driftwood River: Edinburg, Columbus

Eel River (north)

  1. South Whitley to Laketon: South Whitley East, South Whitley West, North Manchester N., North Manchester S.
  2. Laketon to Stockdale: North Manchester S., Roann
  3. Stockdale to Denver: Roann, Richvalley, Peru
  4. Denver to Logansport: Peru, Twelve Mile, Logansport

Elkhart River

  1. State Road 13 to Waterford Mills: Millersburg, Goshen
  2. Waterford Mills to Oxbow Park: Goshen
  3. Oxbow Park to Island Park: Goshen, Foraker, Elkhart

Elkhart River, South Branch

  1. River Road to County Road 550N: Albion, Ligonier
  2. County Road 550N to US 6: Albion, Ligonier

Fawn River

  1. Nevada Mills to Greenfield Mills: Angola West, Orland, Bronson South
  2. Greenfield Mills to Fawn River Mill Pond: Bronson South, Burr Oak
  3. Fawn River Mill Pond to Star Mill: Burr Oak, Sturgis
  4. Star Mill to the 600 W bridge: Lagrange, Shipshewana

Flatrock River

  1. Flatrock River: Lewis Creek, Hope, Edinburg, Columbus

Iroquois River

  1. Brook to Indiana/Illinois Line Goodland, Kentland, Sheldon

Kankakee River

  1. Kingsbury State Fish and Wildlife Area to the Kankakee State Fish and Wildlife Area: Hamlet, Kingsford Heights, Knox West, English Lake
  2. Kankakee State Fish and Wildlife Area to SR 49: English Lake, LaCrosse, San Pierre, Wheatfield, Kouts
  3. SR 49 to Grand Kankakee County Park: Kouts, Hebron, Demotte, Shelby
  4. Grand Kankakee County Park to LaSalle State Fish and Wildlife Area: Shelby, Schneider, Illiana Heights

Little Calumet River, East Fork

  1. Little Calumet River, East Fork: Chesterton, Portage

Mississinewa River

  1. State Road 67 & 28 to Matthews: Eaton, Wheeling, Hartford City West
  2. Matthews to Gas City: Hartford City West, Gas City, Fairmount
  3. Gas City to Mississinewa Reservoir: Gas City, Marion, La Fontaine

Muscatatuck River

  1. Vernon Fork: Vernon, Hayden, Chestnut Ridge, Crothersville, Tampico
  2. Muscatatuck River: Tampico, Vallonia, Medora

Pigeon River

  1. County Road 900 E to State Road 9: Mongo, Lagrange
  2. State Road 9 to County Road 750 N: Lagrange, Shipshewana

Saint Joseph River (Fort Wayne)

  1. Ohio Line to Spencerville: Hicksville, Saint Joe
  2. Spencerville to Cedarville: Saint Joe, Grabill, Cedarville
  3. Cedarville to Fort Wayne: Cedarville, Fort Wayne East

Saint Joseph River (South Bend)

  1. Bristol to Elkhart: Bristol, Elkhart
  2. Elkhart to South Bend: Elkhart, Osceola, South Bend East
  3. South Bend to Northwest South Bend: South Bend East, South Bend West

Sugar Creek

  1. Crawfordsville to Shades State Park: Crawfordsville, New Market, Alamo
  2. Shades State Park to Turkey Run State Park: Alamo, Wallace
  3. Turkey Run State Park to West Union Covered Bridge: Wallace, Kingman, Montezuma

Tippecanoe River

  1. Warsaw to State Road 19: Burket, Mentone, Bourbon
  2. State Road 19 to Old Tip Access Site: Mentone
  3. Old Tip Access Site to Menominee State Fishing Area: Mentone, Argos, Rochester
  4. Menominee State Fishing Area to Monterey: Rochester, Pershing, Kewanna, Culver
  5. Monterey to Tippecanoe River State Park: Culver, Bass Lake
  6. Tippecanoe River State Park to Winamac Access Site: Bass Lake, Winamac
  7. Vinamac Access Site to Pulaske: Winamac, Buffalo

Tippecanoe River (lower section)

  1. SR 18 to Davis Ferry Park: Brookston, Lafayette East

Wabash River

  1. Huntington Dam to Andrews: Majenica, Andrews
  2. Andrews to Wabash: Andrews, Lagro, Wabash
  3. Wabash to Peru: Wabash, Richvalley, Peru
  4. Peru to Logansport: Peru, Bunker Hill, Onward, Twelve Mile, Logansport, Anoka
  5. Logansport to Pittsburg: Logansport, Anoka, Clymers, Lucerne, Burrows, Yeoman, Delphi
  6. Pittsburg to Lafayette: Delphi, Brookston, Lafayette East, Lafayette West
  7. Lafayette to Attica: Lafayette West, Otterbein, West Point, Attica
  8. Attica to Covington: Attica, Williamsport, Stonebluff, Covington
  9. Covington to State Road 234: Covington, Perrysville, Newport, Kingman, Montezuma, Dana
  10. Montezuma to Terre Haute: Dana, Montezuma, Clinton, New Goshen, Terre Haute
  11. Terre Haute to Darwin, Illinois: Terre Haute, Dennison, Hutton
  12. Darwin, Illinois to Hutsonville, Illinois: Hutton, Fairbanks, West Union, Hutsonville

White River, East Fork

  1. Columbus to Rockford: Columbus, Jonesville, Azalia, Seymour
  2. Rockford to Brownstown : Seymour, Brownstown
  3. Brownstown to Sparksville : Brownstown, Vallonia, Medora
  4. Sparksville to Lawrenceport: Medora, Tunnelton, Campbellsburg, Bedfor East
  5. Lawrenceport to US 50/SR 37 bridge: Bedford East, Bedford West
  6. US 50/SR 37 bridge to Williams Dam : Bedford West, Williams
  7. Williams Dam to Shoals: Williams, Huron, Shoals
  8. Shoals to Hindostan Falls: Shoals, Loogootee, Alfordsville, Rusk
  9. Hindostan Falls to Portersville: Rusk, Jasper, Alfordsville
  10. Portersville to Petersburg: Jasper, Alfordsville, Glendale, Sandy Hook, Monroe City

White River, West Fork

  1. Farmland to Muncie: Farmland, Muncie East, Muncie West
  2. Muncie to Chesterfield : Muncie West, Gilman, Middletown
  3. Chesterfield to Perkinsville: Middletown, Anderson South, Lapel, Frankton
  4. Perkinsville to Noblesville: Frankton, Omega, Riverwood, Noblesville
  5. Noblesville to Broadripple Park: Noblesville, Fishers, Carmel, Indianapolis West
  6. Broadripple Park to Riverside Park: Carmel, Indianapolis West
  7. Riverside Park to Waverly: Indianapolis West, Maywood, Bargersville, Mooresville East
  8. Waverly to Martinsville: Mooresville East, Mooresville West, Martinsville
  9. Martinsville to Gosport: Martinsville, Paragon, Modesto, Gosport
  10. Gosport to Spencer: Gosport, Spencer
  11. Spencer to Farmers: Spencer, Freedom, Arney
  12. Farmers to Bloomfield : Arney, Bloomfield
  13. Bloomfield to Elnora: Bloomfield, Scotland, Lyons
  14. Elnora to Edwardsport: Lyons, Epsom, Plainville
  15. Edwardsport to Washington: Plainville, Washington, Wheatland
  16. Washington to Petersburg: Wheatland, Washington, Sandy Hook, Monroe City
  17. Petersburg to Hazleton: Monroe City, Iona, Union, Patoka, Decker
  18. Hazelton to Mt. Carmel, Illinois: Patoka, East Mt. Carmel, Mt. Carmel, IL

Whitewater River

  1. Cambridge City to Connersville: Cambridge City, Jacksonburg, Brownsville, Connersville
  2. Connersville to Laurel Connersville, Alpine, Metamora
  3. Laurel to Metamora and Brookville: Metamora, Brookville
  4. Metamora and Brookville to West Harrison Ohio: Brookville, Whitcomb, Cedar Grove, Harrison

Wildcat Creek, North Fork

  1. Burlington to Adam's Mill Covered Bridge: Burlington, Rossville
  2. Adam's Mill Covered Bridge to Knop Lake State Fishing Area: Rossville, Pyrmont
  3. Knop Lake State Fishing Area to First Wildcat Park: Pyrmont, Lafayette East
  4. First Wildcat Park to Davis Ferry Park: Lafayette East

Wildcat Creek, South Fork

  1. SR 38 Bridge to SR 25 Bridge: Lafayette East