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Engage, Align, Advance highlights examples of employer-educator engagement and career readiness work across the state. You’ll also discover how demand-specific information may be incorporated into the classroom and advising now

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

More Reports

Indiana Career Council Annual Report
The 2016 ICC Annual Report recaps its continued work with a variety of education, business, and community based organizations to provide demand-driven programs and instruments, create more alignment across systems, and offer worker- and student-centric services.

Occupational Demand Report
Per the requirements of Senate Enrolled Act 301, DWD utilized the best sources of information available to date to prepare the occupational demand report.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Utilization Report
DWD and the Indiana Department of Education (DOE) have prepared a CTE Utilization Report that details student enrollment in and completion of secondary CTE courses in the state of Indiana.