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Cast Opportunities

A Wedding Like That


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: Central Library Conference Room, Evansville, IN

Audition Date: Sept. 6th and 7th (9:30 - 5:15 and 1:30 - 4:15)

About the Project
Who: Keychain-Productions, LLC
What: Short Film - Comedic Drama
When: Saturday, September 6th (9:30am-5:15pm) and Sunday, September 7th (1:30-4:15pm)
Where: Central Library Conference Room, Evansville, IN
Compensation: IMDb Credit, copy and pay available for all roles including extras.
Directors: Lewis Chaney and Neil Kellen
Casting Coordinator: Cindy Maples
Shoot/Start date: Late September - October
Locations: Henderson KY and Evansville, IN areas

A Wedding Like That is a comedy-drama about an affable father who learns his daughter is a lesbian and her gay wedding is a week away; while trying to come to terms with his feelings, he encounters his future in-laws who are conservative and straight-laced.

Project Filming Dates: Late September - October 2015

Casting Needs

If you are interested in one of the parts, please send an email to cindymaples2@gmail.com with the Subject line A WEDDING LIKE THAT Casting call. Please submit a Headshot, Resume and available times. We are holding auditions on Saturday, September 6th and Sunday, September 7th at the Central Library Conference Room in Evansville, IN. Auditions will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and we will try to accommodate your requested time.  Audition times start at 9:30am and run until 5:15pm on Saturday; and 1:30pm till 4:15pm on Sunday. We will schedule auditions in 15 minute increments.  Sides for all available parts are attached to this event.

Video submissions will also be accepted until 5:00pm Sunday, September 7th. Please use the attached sides for all video submissions and send your YouTube or Dropbox link to the following email address: aweddinglikethat@gmail.com


Sam Kessler:  mid 50s - an affable, yet excitable guy.  He works as an estimator for a constructions company. Role is CAST

Tami Kessler – 50s, bold and brassy. Role is CAST

Laura Kessler – mid-20s, partner to Joan – feminine and funny.

Joan Dixon - mid-20s, partner to Laura – Middle school gym teacher and coach.  Not as girly as Laura.

Grace Kessler – early-20s, college student - Brassy

Andy Kessler – A 17–year-old high school student.

Oliver Dixon – 50s, ultra-religious and conservative.  He is wealthy, formal, and controlling. A big man.

Debra Dixon – 50s, a petite lady and sort of mousy.

Robin – mid-60s, female co-worker of Sam’s. Has had a hard life.

Charlie Harte – 50s, cop and friends with Sam since high school.

Reporter – female - any age

Kimmy – late teens - drag queen

Pastor – female

DJ – male or female (must have DJ own equipment)

Gay man behind Sam – 40s-50s – will improvise an argument with a protester.

Protester who get into the argument – male or female

20 to 30 Protesters – Will carry signs and shout out against gay marriage.

25 to 30 Reception guests – An eclectic group – friends of Laura’s and Joan’s.

Non-Union / Paid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Cindy Maples - cindymaples2@gmail.com


Nowhere Nothin' ...


Project Type: Feature Film

About the Project
A reckless rock & roll musician must reevaluate his life when he returns to his small hometown for his younger sister's wedding.

Project Filming Dates: January - February 2015

Casting Needs

Jake Sinclair (27)
The former frontman of the once promising alt-country band The Strangers, Jake is a talented but fledgling musician with a devil-may-care attitude. Jake left the band and moved to LA five years ago, where he is often the life of the party and embraces burning the candle at both ends. Jake's rowdiness is thrown into sharp contrast when he returns to his small hometown of Wawasee to attend his sister Claire's wedding.

Claire Sinclair (21)
Jake's younger sister and the reason for Jake's return home. She is his biggest cheerleader and also the most critical of him. Unlike Jake, Claire has grown to learn to meet life's curveballs with remarkable intelligence, humor and grace, harboring a wisdom beyond her youth. She is incredibly faithful and selfless with her family and friends, and is seen as a Guardian Angel of the community. She wants to bring Jake back into the family fold, but her patience is challenged by his carelessness.

Rachel Avery (27)
Jake's former girlfriend and bandmate. A strong woman who relates to Jake's penchant for self-destruction more than she cares to admit, Rachel has learned from the mistakes of her past and worked hard to build a life in Wawasee. Jake's sudden reappearance, and insistence on spending time with her, brings up old feelings and opens up old wounds, throwing her best laid plans for a loop.

Graham Williams (24)
Claire's fiance. A bit of a dolt, what Graham lacks in intelligence he makes up for with his love and loyalty to family. Jake's approval means the world to him, and he hopes to become friends with Jake during his stay, but Graham's straight laced ways continue to embarrass Jake.

Lou Walsh (27)
Jake's former best friend and bandmate, Lou and Jake have not spoken since Jake left for LA five years ago. Lou has always wanted to get out of Wawasee and is bitter towards Jake for leaving the band for LA and his subsequent perceived success.

Sully Teller (34)
Sully was The Strangers manager/driver and is Jake's partner-in-crime when he returns home. One of the few black citizens of Wawasee, he is seen as an outsider, especially for his rambunctious ways and peculiar sense of humor. He found a home with the younger Strangers and bonded with them over their shared love of rock & roll. Sully is essentially a big kid at heart, and shares the same live-in-the-moment attitude as Jake, but may have a secret life kept hidden from Jake to keep the good times going.

Kaley (17)
A young high school senior who Jake becomes romantically involved with when she lies about her age. Kaley adulates Jake and sees him as a rebellious escape from her dull life in Wawasee.

Non-Union / Paid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

We are located in Los Angeles and looking to audition actors in the Indiana area remotely, either via skype or an online video prepared by the actor.

Please contact producer Evan Houston for more information on how to audition:  NNFU.FILM@GMAIL.COM


Cries Unheard


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: Terre Haute, Indiana 47802

Audition Date: 9/15/2014

About the Project
Karen is an eleven year old girl who is bullied by her peers at school and abused by her mother at home. And all the while, Karen takes up for her one and only friend, Georgia, who is bullied for the color of her skin.
*Set in the late 70's in rural Alabama.

Project Filming Dates: Mid October

Casting Needs

KAREN (lead)

- 11 year old white female


- Between the ages 27-47

- Beautiful woman but she is a trashy, alcoholic home wrecker.


- 11 year old African American

- Sweet as pie


- 11 year old school bullies

- Mean and nasty


- Between the ages 30-60

- Loving and caring individual

MR. RAMSEY (Victoria's landlord)

- Between the ages 40-55

- He is a scumbag


- 5 year old white female to play Karen in flashback


- 5 year old African American to play Georgia in flashback


- Between the ages 35-45

- Attractive, slim, prim & proper, flashy dresser


- Between the ages 35-45

- Wealthy type store owner, but a scumbag

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Please contact us by e-mail first to get sides for the character you want to audition for and full audition instructions.


You can also find our Facebook fan page (Cries Unheard)and send us a message there.

We want to film this short for the purpose of entering it into film festivals. It is going to be a very powerful & dramatic short film that is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

Filming is expected to only last 3 to 4 days.

Meals are provided on set! Full IMDb film credit is given.

Thank you for your interest.


Butterfly Kisses


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Date: September 2014

About the Project
A short film produced by the award-wining production team of GEM Filmworks / Socially Aware Productions. Johnathan Gorman will continue his work as the writer and director of this project.

"A troubled young woman tries to piece her life together following the death of her mom, abandonment of her father and a failed suicide attempt".

Project Filming Dates: Late Fall 2014 / Early Spring 2015

Casting Needs

LEAD ROLE:  CHRIS, 40's-50's Caucasian Male – Longing to reconnect with his daughter and put the pieces of his life back together after the loss of his wife and time spent in prison. He is mild mannered, but convicted to reclaim the life he has always wanted but lost as a result of poor decisions.

SUPPORTING ROLE:  AARON, 20’s Male (any race) – He is quirky, intellectual and can be withdrawn, but his sense of adventure doesn’t let his introverted personality control him.  There is a subtle sexiness about him.

FEATURED ROLES:  All types and ages can submit for consideration. 

Non-Union / Unpaid

For More Information

Currently we are seeking to locate the appropriate talent/crew for all roles/positions. Talent - please send your headshot, resume and demo reel (if available) to Johnathan@gemfilmworks.com and/or Bryan@gemfilmworks.com


Educational Products Project


Audition Location: Indianapolis

Audition Date: 8/10/14 (6 pm)

About the Project
Virtuoso Educational Consulting is a educational professional development training firm and we are assembling a team who are looking to act in products that we are developing for teachers. We will be filming in classroom settings. This is paid work. Our fee is $30 for up to a 6 hour shoot. This will be consistent work on different projects that we have.

Project Filming Dates: 8/21/14

Casting Needs

1 white female ages 25-70

1 Adult African American Male

1 child African American male ages 14-18

1 child African American male ages 6-9

1 adult African Ameran female ages 35-70

Non-Union / Paid

Audition Requirements
Headshot, Prepared Monologue

For More Information



How far are you willing to go to make your dream wedding a reality?


A major casting company is proud to announce the official casting for a unique television project that will provide a surprise wedding for a couple who, for whatever reason, has been unable to set the date.  We are searching for women or men who are at least 18 years old and have been in a committed relationship with their significant other long enough to know they're with 'the one' and are ready to get married!

Whether you imagine your wedding as an intimate gathering of friends on the beach, a rooftop romance above the city lights, a Vegas rock star nuptial, or a crystal and lace ballroom fairytale, you and your significant other deserve the wedding day you've been waiting for.  If you are ready to get married, but your significant other may not be, we may be able to help you get them down the aisle and surprise them with a wedding of a lifetime!

If you're a bride-to-be or groom-to-be, RSVP now at: www.idocasting.com




Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: Online

About the Project
We are Juncture Film (juncturefilm.com), a small local microbudget film company that has produced eight short films since 2012 (http://www.imdb.com/company/co0381266/) and is looking to cast a LEAD ACTOR for a FEATURE-LENGTH film, on which we hope to begin principal photography by October 2014. Our films have played at film festivals in Canada and Los Angeles, California.

Project Filming Dates: 9/15/14 - 12/15/14

Casting Needs

We are looking for a middle-aged (40-60) African-American male.

No acting experience is required, though theater acting experience is preferred. Must be a permanent resident of Indiana, as gaps between the production may span as long as a month.

As a microbudget film company, we are looking for someone willing and eager to participate in our project with the following understanding: We cannot compensate our actors financially, though we will provide at least two meals per day of photography.

Our intent for the completed film is to put it through a national film festival circuit. If it is selected for major festivals, it could provide a breakout vessel that could alter or instigate your career as an actor.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

If you are interested, please contact juncturefilm@gmail.com with headshot and experience (if any), and why you are interested in being a part of the film.




Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: Room #226 - 1229 East 7th St. Bloomington, IN 47405

Audition Date: Sunday, July 27th (Auditions 12 to 4 pm and Callbacks from 6 to 8 pm)

About the Project
Frank and Sully know like all bros, that you need protein shakes directly after a workout, if you wanna get “jacked.” When they discover the smoothie bar is out of their favorite shakes, they embark on an adventure to find protein, but end up finding themselves.

Project Filming Dates: (8-8-14) - (8-29-14)

Casting Needs

CONTACT: Dan Thrasher  (moorethrasher@gmail.com)

AUDITIONS: Actors and Extras Needed for Short Film Shot in Bloomington, Indiana.


WHO:  R&D Productions


WHERE:  Indiana University Telecommunications Building Room # 226, 1229 East 7th St.     Bloomington, IN 47405

WHEN:  Auditions: Sunday, July 27th  from 12 to 4 pm, Callbacks from 6 to 8 pm

PSA: AUDITIONS: R&D Productions is seeking local talent to cast in their comedy short (MEATHEADS), which will be filming in Bloomington, Indiana beginning in August.  If you would like to audition, please e-mail your name, phone number, gender, headshot (optional) and age to moorethrasher@gmail.com for more information.


5 - 6 Actors Needed:

SULLY: age (20s-30s) short , thick, talkative, brash

FRANK: age (20s-30s) big, intimidating, kind, squirrely voice

OVARIA: age (20s-30s) muscular, tall, amazon, Russian-type accent

JASMINE: age (20s-30s) petite, sweet face, kind, emotional

DOUG: age (50s-60s) tough, grizzled, no nonsense guy

GENTLEMAN: age (50s-60s)


Extras Needed:







4 to 5 Gym Patrons

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Dan Thrasher  (moorethrasher@gmail.com)


Power Rangers: Zenith


Audition Location: Online

Audition Date: 7/8/2014-8/31/2014

About the Project
PREMISE: An ancient and depraved entity from a bygone era returns to consciousness after eons of banishment and stumbles upon a blemish on the face of our galaxy: humanity. Uninterested in a swift destruction, she first brings the earth to its knees by turning its own saviors into its greatest affliction. All thoughts of resistance are extinguished as she shows us that in the end, even our very best, the paragon of mankind, has the capacity for great evil. What hope is there when the world’s brightest light has gone dark? After all, the most effective form of evil is that which is disguised as good...

ABOUT THE PROJECT: We have been fortunate to attract the most talented Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans in the state of Indiana! We have crew members that have worked on Kitchen Nightmares, our VFX team's work was seen on the SyFy Channel, the work of our costume designers can be seen on billboards & commercials across the country as well as some props showing up in BBC specials, and have had the permission to use fan photography requested by Marvel Studios. Our talent has appeared on America's Got Talent, have decades of combined martial arts and parkour experience, have been trained in classical & modern dance styles since childhood, and won multiple awards for acting.

Project Filming Dates: End of August into September, details based on actor availability in Indianapolis, IN

Casting Needs

Bulk: White male, teenager. Large, very overweight build. A 'punk' that attends high school with the Power Rangers. He is arrogant and rude to our heroes, constantly attempting to prove he is better than them. Unfortunately for him, he always fails with comedic consequences. This is a comic relief role. Lots of physical comedy will be required. Expect 'pies in the face'...literally and metaphorically.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

AUDITION INFORMATION: PR:Z will be accepting online, video auditions until August 31st.

The video auditions should be uploaded to YouTube as an 'unlisted' link. In the title of the video please include “Power Rangers: Zenith Bulk Audition” along with your name. The url should then be emailed to era.of.zenith@gmail.com along with a resume or bio of your experience and a headshot or snapshot indicating how you currently look.

Keep in mind that this is an audition competition. All audition videos will ultimately be made public, and we will be getting input from all our fans. www.fb.me/powerrangerszenith


Finders Keepers


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: Online

About the Project
Short horror film - A lonely, introverted young woman struggling over losing her former boyfriend comes across a man's wallet in a parking lot. She hesitantly seeks out the man to return it, only to find that her attraction to the man is palpable...and dangerous.
Shooting in Central Indiana.

Project Filming Dates: Dec 2014 to Jan 2015

Casting Needs

WOMAN - 21-24. White. Medium length hair, dark hair bleached blonde or dark hair willing to bleach blonde.

MAN - 24-26. White. Confident. Short facial hair/stubble.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Please send submissions or questions to kmrinker@yahoo.com


Major Cable Network Series Casting


Did you have an instant electric connection with someone you just met – and then never see them again?

Is there an epic crush you still think about and wonder “what if”?

Do you still regret messing up your shot with the perfect girl back when you were young and irresponsible?

A new TV series for a major cable network is setting out to give missed connections a second chance!

If there’s a special someone you want to track down – but need help finding them and finding the courage to reach out to them – we can help!

Email us ASAP at FindLostLoves@gmail.com with your story of how you missed your chance at what might have been love.


Time is God


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: Indianapolis

About the Project
Shooting a movie Trailer short film spec. for production, Looking for two Caucasian/White Men 40-60 years old, one of the men must be able to cry on cue. (INDIANAPOLIS AREA)

Non-Pay, Food and Copy for your Reel.

This is a spec.
We do not have a date set for the shoot, date will be set upon everyones avaliablity

Thank you.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Send Headshots and resume to:  Leedario@gmail.com


A Major Cable Network Casting


Are you currently dating someone online and haven't had the opportunity to meet them in person? Are you tired of only talking on the phone or seeing each other over Skype? Do you believe you and your online mate are meant to be? So meant to be, that you are ready to take your relationship offline and finally meet? Or maybe you're wondering if the butterflies will still be there once the keyboard and computer screen are gone? Here's your chance!

A major cable network is casting online couples nationwide between the ages of 28-45, that have never met in person, and would like the opportunity to finally connect face to face. This is NOT your "Catfish" kind of show-we're looking for real everyday people! Couples selected to participate in this new and exciting docu-series will get the chance to take a trip and move their romance beyond the internet, and ultimately help affirm their feelings for each other. If this sounds like you or someone you know, we want to hear from you!

To be considered, please email onlinecouplecasting@gmail.com with your name, age, location, photo, a brief bio about your online relationship, and a Casting Producer will be in touch ASAP! 


Love of a Lifetime


Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: Indianapolia

Audition Date: October 18, 2014 (1:00 pm)

About the Project
Casting call for a movie called Love of a Lifetime based on the novel by Denise Hill.

There are paid and non paid roles.

Love of a Lifetime is a passionate love and suspense story about a man who lets the love of his life slip through his fingers, years later, he gets a second chance, but when tragedy strikes, it leaves the life of his unborn child and the love of his life fighting for their lives.

Jordan Daniels has spent years in and out of worthless relationships and is just about to give up on love when he learns that someone special, someone that has occupied a place in his heat for years has moved back to Indianapolis.

Jasmine Smith walks away from her marriage after years of physical and verbal abuse. She returns to Indianapolis where she lands her dream job. Jasmine never expects to work for the man who has held a piece of her hearts since her childhood years, but when the opportunity presents itself, she jumps for it not knowing the affect Jordan will have on her.

Jordan and Jasmine share an encounter that neither one will ever forget, but what they don't know is the person who is out to destroy Jordan's company, is also threatening to destroy what they could have together along with their unborn child.

Project Filming Dates: January - June 2015

Casting Needs

Jordan Daniels- black male ages 42-48

Jasmine Smith - black female ages 42-48

Danielle Black female 42-48

Donnie black male 43-48

Mark Daniels 38-44

Matthew Daniels black male 44-46

Savannah black female 45-46

Theresa black female 45-46

Monica Daniels black female 43-45

Sheila black female 42-45

Brenda black female  38-40

Vanessa Black female 38-42

Jared Cole black male 39-42

Jonathan Cole Black male 45-48

Mrs. Cole  Black female 62-68

Ronnie  43-48 Black female

Sheila  40-45 Black female

Roberto- Black male 40-45

Alexis- black female 20-25

Sonny- White male  35-40

Thomas- white male blue eyes 42-45

Mrs. Daniels  black female  62-68

2 black male children 7-9

1 black female child 10-12

12 hip hop dancers

25 fillers

Non-Union / Paid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Denise at dhpublishingco@gmail.com


"WEIGHTLESS" Movie Casting


Starring NICK NOLTE (’48 Hours’, ‘Cape Fear’) and JASON CLARKE (‘Zero Dark Thirty’)

Now Casting "Will" Looking for an 8 - 12 boy. He weighs 150 - 200+ lbs. Quiet and shy until you get to know him. No acting experience is necessary!

Apply Today! It’s SO EASY!!! Just send a RECENT PHOTO to WeightlessAudition@gmail.com and include the following information:

(plus PHOTO)

Don't wait! Send it today to WeightlessAudition@gmail.com.  We will review all submissions. Look forward to hearing from you !!!

For more information, www.weightlessaudition.com