Program Description


Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) Transition waiver

 Indiana implemented the 1915(c) PRTF Transition Waiver in October 2012, following the 5-year implementation of the Community Alternative to Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (CA-PRTF) Demonstration Grant. Section 6063 o f the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2005 specifies: “At the end of the demonstration (grant) period, the state may allow children enrolled in the demonstration project to continue receiving the Medicaid home and community-based waiver services provided under the demonstration; however, no new children could be added to the project.”

As authorized under Section 6063 of the DRA of 2005, the PRTF Transition Waiver allowed Indiana to transition all eligible children/youth from the CA-PRTF Demonstration Grant to the PRTF Transition Waiver effective October 1, 2012.  Click here to learn more about the Medicaid-approved PRTF transition waiver. Eligible waiver participants were enrolled in the CA-PRTF Grant as of September 30, 2012. Due to the limitation imposed by the DRA of 2005 for this transition waiver, no additional individuals will be allowed to apply for or receive waiver services through the PRTF Transition Waiver.

PRTF Transition Waiver Services

The PRTF Transition Waiver includes the same service options previously available under the CA-PRTF Grant. The Waiver continues to promote Indiana’s behavioral health system transformation goal to provide intensive community-based care for children with high levels of need and whose families and/or caretakers and community would be able and willing to safely maintain the youth in a community-based setting with adequate and appropriate interventions and support.

Indiana uses a traditional service delivery method rather than a self-directed one. Intensive community-based, wraparound services are managed and provided through Child and Family Teams, under the guidance of System of Care (SOC) values and principles.

The following waiver services, previously provided in the CA-PRTF Demonstration Grant, continue to be available to eligible youth under the PRTF Transition Waiver:

  • Wraparound Facilitation
  • Wraparound Technician
  • Habilitation
  • Respite Care
  • Consultative Clinical and Therapeutic Services
  • Flex Funds
  • Non-Medical Transportation   
  • Training and Support for Unpaid Caregivers

Click here for PRTF Transition Waiver service descriptions.

PRTF Transition Waiver Providers

All CA-PRTF Demonstration Grant service providers, who met specific standards set forth by DMHA, became PRTF Transition Waiver providers on October 1, 2012. However, as needed to support this limited waiver program, additional child service agencies and providers may continue to be recruited to become waiver service providers. Click here to learn more about becoming a PRTF Transition Waiver Provider.

How do I learn more about applying for intensive home and community-based Wraparound services?

If interested in learning more about one of these programs or how to apply for services for your youth, contact your local Community Access Site. (Click to learn how to locate an Access Site in your community.)