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Indiana System of Care Strategic Expansion Planning Grant

A federal system of care strategic expansion planning grant was awarded by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to Indiana’s System of Care Partners, which includes:

  • Indiana Family & Social Service Administration, Division of Mental Health & Addiction
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Indiana)
  • Indiana Department of Child Services

The one-year duration grant provides Indiana with the resources to develop a strategic SOC expansion plan for the state that is geared at assisting the development and sustainment of local SOC governance structures to improve the access to and quality of integrated behavioral health services for youth and families. The strategic SOC expansion plan is scheduled to be completed at the end of state fiscal year 2014.

The system of care expansion grant initiatives are being implemented by the following state and community stakeholders:

Children’s Mental Health Advisory Board: The Children’s Mental Health Advisory Board (CMHA Board) is Indiana’s state-level system of care governance board. The CMHA board is comprised of youth and family members, local SOC governance board members, Department of Child Services, Judicial/Probation/Courts, Department of Education, advocacy groups (i.e., youth, family and special populations), community and agency mental health providers/administrators and other state representation. The board members are a voluntary, dedicated group of community stakeholders who pledge to assist the State of Indiana in providing oversight and governance for the Indiana’s behavioral health service delivery systems and state-wide system of care initiatives. The role of the board is to provide the following:

  • Oversight, community support and governance over the behavioral health SOC and service delivery for Indiana’s youth and families. 
  • Assistance in the assessment of service delivery system issues that require broad policy development or interventions to affect process improvement or change that will result in more positive outcomes for youth and families served.
  • Monitoring and oversight of state and federally funded service program performance and quality improvement indicators.
  • Direction and oversight for the SOC sub-committee and other CMHA board sub-committees formed to provide intense focus on board issues and initiatives. Identification of the state’s SOC successes, gaps and challenges.
  • Education to the community about the State’s SOC initiatives.

Local System of Care Governance Coalition: This term is used to describe the collection of youth, families, service providers and community stakeholders working together within a community SOC governance structure to drive, manage and monitor the local/regional SOC, in order to promote and encourage collaborative community provision of effective services and supports for youth and families. The following standards are essential in a functioning and sustainable local/regional SOC governance coalition:

  • The SOC governance coalition consists of a diversified, well-informed and invested collection of community stake-holders, service providers, youth and families, who can identify, develop, monitor and evaluate the policies and supports required to sustain the local/regional SOC governance structure.
  • Coalition members participate in SOC planning, development and implementation at the policy, system and practice levels within the designated SOC region.
  • To support and promote youth and family advocacy, the coalition actively seeks ways to solicit and integrate youth and family voice, participation and leadership within the local SOC governance coalition; and in conjunction with coalition decisions, education and policy-making.
  • The SOC governance coalition promotes role-modeling of SOC philosophy and principles in daily agency/organizational operations and the delivery of care and supports to youth and families within the community.

System of Care Sub-Committee: This team, a sub-committee of the CMHA board, is comprised of community key contacts representing each of Indiana’s counties and regional SOC governance coalitions. The sub-committee was developed to function as the primary work group for the development and implementation of the State’s strategic SOC expansion initiatives, which include meeting the following objectives:

  • Develop and promote a unified state definition of SOC.
  • Facilitate development of a strategic SOC expansion plan for Indiana under the federal System of Care Strategic Planning Expansion grant.
  • Assist in implementing system of care expansion initiatives across the state.

The SOC subcommittee works within the oversight and direction of the CMHA board; and reports back to the board on a quarterly basis.
System of Care Grant Team: This team includes representation of the state partners (Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction, The Department of Child Services and NAMI) awarded the federally funded System of Care Expansion Strategic Planning Grant, as well as state staff members and contracted staff members responsible for carrying out the grant initiatives and activities. The team works closely with all facets of the Indiana SOC leadership and governance in the planning and implementation of the grant initiatives.

System of Care Evaluation Team: This team was developed as a result of the SOC grant to assist the state in gathering and analyzing the data needed to assess the SOC readiness of Indiana. In addition, this team will implement the community SOC readiness assessment survey (a requirement of the SOC grant) to provide the state partners with information regarding the current status of SOC development at the local and state level.

CMHA Board Membership Sub-Committee: This is a sub-committee was developed by the CMHA board to review and propose processes and protocols to increase and utilize youth and family voice and membership on the CMHA board.

To learn more about the SOC assessment survey, click here.

If you wish to become an active participant in Indiana's system of care expansion initiatives, please contact us!