Inside Outside

This is a work of hope created by ex-patient film-makers Pat Deegan and Terry Strecker. Inside Outside tells the story of how eight people with very significant histories of institutionalization made the transition to recovery and community living.

Purpose: In the spirit of the New Freedom Initiative and the Supreme Court's Olmstead Decision, the film carries the message that recovery and life in the community are possibilities even for people who are viewed as the most chronic or impaired.

Scope of Need: The New Freedom Initiative: State Coalitions to Promote Community-Based Care is charged with examining the characteristics and service needs of adults with serious mental illnesses and children with severe emotional disturbances; identifying the barriers to serving these individuals in the community; and exploring strategies to ensure their successful community living. The overarching goal of the initiative is to assist each State and Territory to develop or expand existing community integration plans for individuals with mental illnesses. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), aided by a working group and technical assistance team, provides resources, materials, training, and technical assistance to State and Territory coalitions. This support is intended to help these coalitions secure the investment of stakeholders, who will provide critical support and resources to assist individuals and families to obtain adequate housing, income, jobs, health and mental health treatment, and other necessary community supports." As a part of this project, SAMHSA has funded the creation of a training film on Recovery.

What Does the Film Accomplish?

The film leaves audiences of professionals and people with psychiatric disabilities alike, cheering for these eight individuals as they make their journey from inside institutions to full community inclusion on the outside. Running Time: 49 minutes

The film Inside Outside was funded by SAMHSA. The film has been made available in the public domain which means you can get a VHS or DVD copy with a viewers guide for free.

"Inside Outside: Building a Meaningful Life Outside the Hospital" By Patricia E. Deegan, Ph.D. Created by and for consumers, it is being used by consumers across the country to train consumers, providers, and other interested advocates that Recovery after long institutionalization is possible.

Implementation: The DMHA Office of Consumer and Family Affairs is partnering with KEY Consumer Organization to show the film to consumers in all of the state hospitals. After showing the film, a panel of consumers who had been in a state hospital and have moved on with their Recovery share stories of their Recovery and answer questions from the audience.

Contact information: Rhonda Ames, Executive Director, Key Consumer Organization 317-205-2500