Youth Leadership Forum Grant Announcement

Deadline for Grant applications: 1:00 pm, Thursday, March 14, 2013

Purpose: To replicate the National California Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) model for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities resulting in five day Indiana youth leadership forums during the summers of 2013 and 2014.

Pre Application Meeting Briefing: This is a summary of information provided at the Monday Feb 25, 2013 Pre-application meeting for the Youth Leadership Forum Grant Announcement. The briefing includes information provided by the Council and answers to questions asked by those in attendance or who asked questions in advance. Attendance is not a requirement. If you have any questions please respond to .

The GCPD shall award a single statewide grant of a maximum of $150,000. Funding will be for a twenty-two month period. Continuation funding of up to $50,000 for conducting a third forum in 2015 may be considered but is not guaranteed.

Grant applications are being sought from not for profit organizations which have experience in working with youth leadership development (preferably youth with disabilities) and an understanding and appreciation of disability culture and the disability rights movement. Collaborations with other organizations are encouraged.

Below are links to the complete grant announcement, the Grant Application Packet and other materials needed to apply for the grant:

Grant Announcement  The grants announcement provides details on the scope and purpose of the project and expected outcomes

Grant Application Packet  In conjunction with the grants announcement and other materials, this document provides the information and forms necessary to apply for Council grant funding.

Replication information: Grant proposals should be based on replication of the California Youth Leadership Forum adjusted as needed for Indiana.

Reporting for Results Performance based Grants Management Manual: Provides details on the Councils performance reporting system and record keeping requirements for grantees