Archaeology in Indiana: the Science Today - Focus

This issue continues the Indiana Historical Bureau's collaboration with the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, Indiana Department of Natural Resources. [Archaeology in Indiana--the Early Years was the earlier work.] Its staff members have provided both information and images for this issue. James R. Jones III and Amy Johnson served as guest editors. Nikki Waters, Kimberly Tinkham, and James Mohow also contributed.

Below is listed information about the many avenues available to people, both adults and students, who are interested in learning about and participating in Indiana archaeology.

Page 3 brings the remarkable transformation of the science of archaeology up to date.

Page 4 provides a brief overview of the development of archaeology in Indiana over the past sixty years.

Page 5 provides in chart form a timeline of cultures in Indiana beginning 12,000 years ago and concluding with the European migration to America.

Pages 6 through 13 demonstrate the various steps of professional archaeological surveying and excavation using both pre-contact and historical examples.

Page 14 highlights some of the legal duties and responsibilities required of both the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology and the public, including realtors, developers, and construction managers.

We have again chosen the second ink color to match a soil color--10YR, 7/8--from the Munsell Soil Color Charts (rev. ed., New York, 1992).