Introducing Indiana - Bibliography

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Standard source for this period.

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Covers prehistory to the 1980s.

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History to the close of 1933, including economic, social, cultural and political affairs. Afterword updates to 1977.

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Standard source for development of legal boundaries.

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Excellent source on Indiana's ethnic history.

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Standard source for this period.

Additional resources

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Standard source for this period.

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Excerpts from primary sources.

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Excellent reference for Indianapolis history.

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History of 1851 Constitution through 1960; also see Kettleborough.

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Pulitzer Prize-winning standard source for this period.

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Up-to-date information and history.

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Covers adoption and amendment of the 1816 and 1851 constitutions through 1930; also see Bremer.

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Excerpts from primary sources, such as travel books, letters, and diaries before 1830.

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Standard source for this period.

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Excerpts from primary sources.

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Standard source for this period.

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Miami Nation and its struggle to preserve its culture and legal status as a tribe.

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Excellent reference.

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Provides important context for attitudes and activities with regard to black soldiers and black citizens.

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Excerpts from primary sources.

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Comprehensive examination of legislative and political history.

Internet Sites

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