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Weird Indiana: Your Travel Guide to Indiana’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

Mark Marimen et al.

Weird Indiana is here to prove that the Crossroads of America, as our state motto claims, is also the Crossroads of the Weird! There's such an abundance of weirdness here that it took three authors to showcase all the odd and offbeat wonders the Hoosier State has to offer. Our authors, Mark Marimen, Jim Willis, and Troy Taylor, set off with cameras and notepads in hand, in search of Indiana's best kept secrets, local legends, bizarre beasts, and more, and they found it—in spades!

Sit back and enjoy a relaxing picnic in Shades of Death Park; “see the light” if you're lucky enough to witness those unexplained glowing spots known as Moody's Light. Find out how a town named Santa Claus became involved in one of the fiercest rivalries in the state's history. Slap on another layer of color to the world's biggest ball of paint, and no, you're not seeing things—that really is an enormous pink-spectacled elephant drinking a martini on the side of the road! Get the time from an enormous leg sundial, and listen for the whistle of terror on the White Lick Creek Bridge, but whatever you do, don't answer an ad from La Porte's Black Widow. Make a person-to-person call from inside a tomb, and meet Indiana's most upright citizen, buried that way for almost two hundred years. Check out the ruins of Littleville, where 125 miniature buildings once stood—complete with a courthouse, and even a yacht club, all of eighteen inches tall.

253 pp. / 2008 / ISBN 9781402754524 / $14.95
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Ghosts of Madison, Indiana

Virginia Dyer Jorgenson

Beautifully preserved mid-nineteenth-century buildings grace the streets of Madison, Indiana, providing a concrete connection to the past. But a more ethereal, ghostly link flits about these streets when night descends. Restive spirits linger here, like the extra that may join you mid-slumber at Whitehall Bed-and-Breakfast, a residual from the Civil War hospital that was once nearby. Feel the ghostly chill of a mob bootlegger who stops by the Broadway Tavern around last call and learn of the myriad ghosts that flutter here in search of something. Dive into the shadows of Madison on this chilling journey with Virginia Jorgensen.

paper / 128 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9781609497446 / $19.99
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Amazing Tales from Indiana

Fred D. Cavinder

Amazing Tales from Indiana by Fred D. Cavinder

It's Ripley's with a Hoosier twist—Fred Cavinder has put together a group of findings and stories, some kooky and strange, some from the twilight zone, some historical oddities and fascinations, all gleaned from Indiana. Submitted for your consideration: the blind man who designed and built an automobile, the "volunteer" tree growing out of a courthouse roof, and much, much more.

paper / 158 pp. / 1990 / ISBN 0-253-20658-8 / $17.95
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Oddball Indiana: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places

Jerome Pohlen

Oddball Indiana: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places by Jerome Pohlen

Square Donuts. The World's Largest Stump. Oscar the Monster Turtle. Johnny Appleseed's grave. The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. While other travel guides tell you about yet another cozy bed-and-breakfast and bike trails through Brown County, Oddball Indiana offers wacky travel destinations and little-known historical tidbits. Why is Nancy Barnett's grave in the middle of a country road? Where can you go to communicate with your dead Aunt Clara? Who invented Alka-Seltzer? How did David Letterman get fired from his first broadcasting gig? This is the guide to the real Indiana, birthplace of corn flakes, Dan Quayle, and Wonder Bread, for those who want to laugh, not lounge, on their vacation.

paper / 227 pp. / 2002 / ISBN 1-55652-438-2 / $14.95
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Hoosier Folk Legends

Ronald L. Baker

Hoosier Folk Legends

Folk tales about a curious mixture of Hoosier humor and horror stories.

paper / 264 pp. / 1982 / ISBN 0-253-20334-1 / $16.95
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More Amazing Tales from Indiana

Fred D. Cavinder

More Amazing Tales from Indiana

More of the findings and stories, freaky and fascinating, kooky and strange, some historical oddities and fascinations, all told with humor.

paper / 207 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-253-21653-2 
$14.95 $8.97
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Folklife and Museums--Selected Readings

Patricia Hall and Charlie Seemann

Folklife and Museums

Essays trace and reflect upon the various ways that folklife, which explores and celebrates ordinary life, and museums have intersected since the 1950s.

paper / 194 pp. / 1987 / ISBN 0-910050-85-6 / $10.95
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Historical Celebrations: A Handbook for Organizers of Diamond Jubilees, Centennials, and Other Community Anniversaries


Keith Peterson

Historical Celebrations

Ethnic allegiances, religious memberships, occupational associations, community, state, and national anniversaries are some of the celebrations and festivals featured.

paper / 118 pp. / reprint 1996 (1986) / ISBN 0-931406-13-7 / $14.95 $8.97
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Hoosier German Tales: Small and TALL

Eberhard Reichmann, editor

Hoosier German Tales: small and TALL

Stories, poems, legends, memoirs, thoughts, etc. of, by, or about Hoosier Germans.

paper / 279 pp. / 1991 / ISBN 1-880788-00-4 / $8.00
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Haunted Tales from the Region: Ghosts of Indiana's South Shore

Dorothy Salvo Davis

South Shore lights blaze through the night, warding off restless spirits that slink among the shadows.  Join paranormal researcher and author Dorothy Salvo Davis as she reveals the legends and ghouls that haunt this generally peaceful area. 



paper / 109 pp. / 2010 / ISBN 978-1-59629-917-7 / $19.99
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Haunted Hoosier Trails: A Guide to Indiana's Famous Folklore Spooky Sites

Wanda Lou Willis

Haunted Hoosier Trails

The American Indians who inhabited this region had a long tradition of stories about tragic deaths and haunting spirits. Pioneers and other early settlers told their own tales of mansions where sad deaths happened and spirits walked.

paper / 192 pp. / 2002 / ISBN 1-57860-115-0 
$15.95 $8.99
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More Haunted Hoosier Trails: Folklore from Indiana's Spookiest Places

Wanda Lou Willis

More Haunted Hooiser Trails

Beloved Indiana folklorist Wanda Lou Willis is back with all-new ghostly tales in this hair-raising companion to her popular Haunted Hoosier Trails. In More Haunted Hoosier Trails, you can set off with Wanda as your guide to explore Indian’s hidden history in spooky locations around the state.

paper / 208 pp. / 2004 / ISBN 1-57860-182-7 
$14.99  $8.99
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Folklore in the Classroom Workbook

Content essays by professional folklorists and reproducible exercises for each chapter; folklore and various subject areas and issues in education.

paper / 1985 / ISBN 1-885323-51-4 / $10.75
Order No. 4019