Indiana Civil Rights Commission, Butler University Form Partnership

As part of the capstone course for students completing a Recording Industry Studies degree in the Creative Media and Entertainment program at Butler University, students are asked to write, edit and produce radio public service announcements. In the spring of 2011, instead of creating mock announcements, students had the opportunity to produce real radio public service announcements for the Indiana Civil Rights Commission.

“The students really enjoyed this project,” said Cutler Armstrong, Instructor for the Creative Industry Studies Program at Butler University. “Having staff from the Indiana Civil Rights Commission available to offer feedback, and knowing these announcements will be aired throughout the state, created a competitive and immersive learning environment.”

In addition to giving students an opportunity to produce radio public service announcements, it provided the Indiana Civil Rights Commission with professional quality radio public service announcements.

“We will use each of these announcements,” said Jamal L. Smith, Executive Director of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission. “The quality of work produced by these students was exceptional.  We truly value the relationship with Cutler (Armstrong) and Butler University.”

The success of the project has spurred further collaboration between the two organizations, which will include further production of radio public service announcements.

Click on the links below to listen to the radio public service announcements produced by Butler University students this semester.

  1. “Fair Housing Man”
  2. “It Shouldn’t Be Like This”
  3. “Discrimination Still Happens”
  4. “Education: E-D-J?”
  5. “Construction Talk”
  6. “A Black Guy, a Muslim and a Mexican”
  7. “What Did I Do Wrong?”