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As a state agency, the Indiana Charter School Board ("ICSB") is subject to Indiana’s Public Access Laws, including the Open Door Law. All Board Meetings are open to the public. Board Meetings during which charter application approval and declination decisions are voted upon by Board members are streamed live over the internet, then archived on the ICSB website. To view the ICSB's policy regarding Board members' electronic participation at Board Meetings, please click here.


May 24 PDF Video
March 29 PDF PDF Video

Memo to ICSB regarding Thea Bowman Leadership Academy

Staff Recommendation for Approval of Thea Bowman Leadership Academy

Public Comments

February 23 PDF PDF

ICN Request for Extension

Excel Center Activation Request

Spring Application Cycle update


Date Agenda Minutes Video
November 18 PDF PDF Pt.1 | Pt. 2
October 6 PDF PDF
June 25 PDF PDF
May 20 PDF PDF Video
May 6 PDF  PDF
March 10 PDF  PDF
January 21 PDF PDF


Date Agenda Minutes Video
October 14 PDF PDF 
September 25 PDF PDF 
June 16 PDF  PDF
June 10 PDF PDF 


Date Agenda Minutes Video
December 6 PDF  PDF 
October 8 PDF PDF Video 
September 9 PDF PDF
July 9 PDF PDF
June 21 PDF PDF
May 24 PDF PDF

Video 1
Video 2

February 27 PDF PDF
January 7 PDF PDF


Date Agenda Minutes Video
December 11 PDF PDF
November 15 PDF  PDF
October 15 PDF PDF Video
June 19 PDF PDF
May 21 PDF PDF Video
April 20 PDF
March 22 PDF PDF
February 21 PDF PDF
January 23 PDF PDF Video


Date Agenda Minutes Video
December 19 PDF PDF Video
October 17 PDF PDF WebEx Video/Audio
September 26 PDF PDF WebEx Audio
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