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Spring 2017

The following 10 organizers submitted letters of intent to the Indiana Charter School Board for the Spring 2017 application cycle:


  • Northwest Indiana Charter Schools Corporation (dba Northwest Indiana College Prep Academy)


  • InnerMission, Inc. (dba InnerMission Leadership Academy)

Indianapolis/Marion County

  • Jackson Academy of Competency Based Education, LLC (dba Jackson Academy of Competency Based Education)
  • Allegiant Preparatory, Inc. (dba Allegiant Preparatory Academy Charter School)
  • Athlos Academy of Indiana (dba Athlos Academy of Indiana)
  • Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis, Inc. (dba Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis)
  • International Visionary Learning Group (dba Oasis Virtual Academy)
  • The A.W.E. Center (dba Dreams Do Come True Academy)


  • Alexis B. Holt Design Group, LLC (dba Barack and Michelle Obama School of Design)

Multiple Location (Muncie, Bloomington, Marion, Columbus, Indianapolis)

  • Goodwill Education Initiatives, Inc. (dba The Excel Center)


Below are the applications receive for the Spring 2017 application cycle.  Click on the names of the school to view the application.

*Please note the ICSB did not receive applications from all who submitted letters of intent. ​

Organizer School Name Location Board Decision
Goodwill Education Initiatives, Inc.
Multiple Locations:
- Muncie
- Bloomington
- Marion
- Columbus
- Indianapolis
Allegiant Preparatory, Inc.
Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis, Inc.