Particulate Matter (PM10) Data Map

Particulate matter with a mean diameter of 10 microns or less is emitted from transportation and industrial sources. Exposure to particle pollution is linked to a variety of significant health problems ranging from aggravated asthma to premature death in people with heart and lung disease.

IDEM operates four continuous PM10 monitoring sites that are polled hourly in order to obtain the most current information. This continuous data is available interactively on the map and the table below. The intermittent monitoring sites measure PM10 over a 24 hour period based on a six-day sampling schedule. A summary of PM10 data is available under the Quick View Current Monitoring Data Summaries.

PM 10 MonitorsEvansville - Buena Vista Evansville - Buena Vista Gary - IITRI Gary - IITRI Indpls - Washington Park Indpls - Washington Park Portage - Hwy. 12 Portage - Hwy. 12

Continuous and intermittent data are available online now - please click on the links below to access this information. Intermittent data posting may lag by 3 to 6 months.

Particulate Matter (PM10) Monitor Sites
County City Site
Clark Jeffersonville Jeffersonville - Walnut St.
Dubois Jasper Jasper - Post Office
Lake East Chicago East Chicago - Franklin Sch.
Lake East Chicago East Chicago - Marina
Lake Gary Gary - IITRI
Lake Gary Gary - Madison St.
Marion Indianapolis Indpls - West St
Marion Indianapolis Indpls - Washington Park
Porter Portage Portage - Hwy. 12
Vanderburgh Evansville Evansville - Buena Vista
Vigo Terre Haute Terre Haute - Lafayette Ave.

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