Enforcement Information Available From IDEM

In recent years, IDEM also has made increasing amounts of enforcement information available via the Internet, including a searchable enforcement database and material explaining the enforcement process. Or, you can contact one of the IDEM staff listed below.


For Questions About IDEM Compliance and Enforcement:

If you have questions about information in the IDEM Enforcement searchable database, contact IDEM, via phone, at (317) 232-8603 or (800) 451-6027 (toll free within Indiana), or via email at info@idem.in.gov.

IDEM Data Stewards

If you have questions about data, or about error corrections, please contact one of the IDEM Data Stewards (staff responsible for coordinating with U.S. EPA to ensure that compliance and enforcement data on Indiana sources and facilities are as current as possible) please contact:

For Air Data, Air Compliance, or Air Enforcement questions:

Contact the Office of Air Quality at (317) 233-0178 or, via email, info@idem.in.gov

For Water Data, Water Compliance, and Water Enforcement questions:

Contact the Office of Water Quality at (317) 232-8488 or, via email, info@idem.in.gov

For Hazardous Waste Data, Hazardous Waste Compliance, Hazardous Waste Enforcement, and Solid Waste Enforcement (including Confined Feeding Operations, Underground Storage Tanks, and Biosolids) questions:

Contact the Office of Land Quality at (317) 232-8941 or, via email, info@idem.in.gov.

Please Note:

  • There are several levels of action that may be taken by IDEM that may not be considered enforcement actions as the U.S. EPA defines the term.
  • Issuance of a Violation Letter could lead to a source returning to compliance. It is considered a first step in the IDEM enforcement process, and sometimes may be all that is necessary to return a source or facility to compliance.
  • Issuance of a Notice of Violation (NOV) is considered, by IDEM, to be a formal action because it initiates the enforcement process and ultimately leads to action that will "resolve" the case.
  • As suggested immediately above, issuance of a NOV leads to either a negotiated "Agreed Order" or a unilateral "Commissioner's Order" which requires the violator to take actions to resolve the case.
  • Once such an "order" has been signed by the IDEM Commissioner, the case is considered "resolved" by IDEM.