Acid Rain

Federal Acid Deposition Control Program

The Acid Deposition Control Program, also known as the Acid Rain Program, is a federal program, established by the U.S. EPA. The purpose of the Acid Deposition Control Program is to reduce the amount of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions to the atmosphere. These two pollutants affect the pH of precipitation (e.g., rain, sleet, snow, etc.) resulting in increased acidity.

Under this program, the U.S. EPA set a limit, or "cap" on the total amount of SO2 that can be emitted from all regulated power plants in the United States, amounting in an SO2 emissions reduction of 10 million tons per year from the 1980 baseline values. The program also limits the rate of NOX emissions allowed from coal-fired power plants. Pursuant to 40 CFR Part 72, Subpart G, Section 72.73(a), IDEM is authorized by the U.S. EPA to review Phase II permit applications and to issue Phase II Acid Rain Permits.

Coordination with the Part 70 Permit:

In accordance with 40 CFR Part 72, Subpart G, Section 72.73(b)(2) IDEM may shorten the permit term to less than five (5) years where necessary to coordinate the term of the Phase II permit with the term of the Part 70 operating permit. As this time, IDEM, OAQ intends to shorten the expiration date of each Phase II renewal permit, where necessary, to coincide with the term of the source's Part 70 operating permit.

Phase II Permit Renewal Information

According to 40 CFR Part 72, Subpart C, Section 72.32, if a Title IV source files a timely and complete Title IV renewal application, that source will have the right to continue operating even if its present Title IV permit expires before the Title IV renewal permit is issued. Each regulated power plant should submit a Phase II permit renewal application at least six (6) months prior to the expiration date of the Phase II Acid Rain Permit. Pursuant to 40 CFR Part 72, Subpart G, Section 72.73(b)(2), Phase II Acid Rain Permits expire five (5) years after the effective date of the original permit.

Even if the permit has been amended or revised, the expiration date is dependent on the original Phase II Permit effective date. For example, a Phase II Permit that was effective on January 1, 2014 would expire on January 1, 2019; therefore, the renewal application should be submitted by July 1, 2018.

How to prepare a Phase II Permit Renewal Application

In order to prepare a renewal application, applicants must comply with all the application requirements set out in 40 CFR Part 72, Subpart A, Section 72.9. Please note that some forms are to be sent directly to U.S. EPA through the Region V office, and additional forms are required by IDEM, OAQ to process your renewal application.

Submit the following information to IDEM, Office of Air Quality:

  • Application Cover Sheet (instructions [DOC])
  • GSD-01 Form (available on the IDEM Forms page)
  • Phase II Permit Application Form
  • Phase II NOx Compliance Plan
  • Phase II NOx Certificate of Responsibility
  • Phase II NOx Averaging Plan (if applicable)
  • Copies of the original Phase II Acid Rain Permit and Technical Support Document
  • Copies of all amendments and modifications that were made to the Phase II Permit

All of U.S. EPA's Acid Rain Program Forms can be downloaded in Microsoft Word Document [DOC] or Adobe Acrobat [PDF] formats.

A renewal fee is not required with the application. Three copies of the Acid Rain Permit Renewal Application Packet should be submitted to IDEM, Office of Air Quality at:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Office of Air Quality, Permits Branch
100 North Senate Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251

If the source is within the jurisdiction of a local air pollution control agency, an additional copy of the permit application must also be sent to the local agency.

Pursuant to 326 IAC 2-7-17(b)(1), you must place a copy of the complete Phase II permit renewal application packet at a public library in the county where the source is located no later than ten (10) days after submitting the application to IDEM, OAQ. The GSD-01 instructions (available on the IDEM Forms page) contain additional, detailed instructions about this requirement.

Submit the following information to U.S. EPA, Region 5:

  • Certificate of Representation Form;
  • Allowance Transfer Form;
  • Allowance Account Information Form;
  • Phase II Permit Application Form;
  • New Unit Exemption Form;
  • Retired Unit Exemption Form;
  • Phase II NO X Compliance Plan; and
  • Phase II NOx Averaging Plan (if applicable).

All of U.S. EPA's Acid Rain Program Forms can be downloaded  in Microsoft Word Document [DOC] or Adobe Acrobat [PDF] formats.

These Acid Rain Program documents shall be submitted to:

Cecilia Mijares
Air and Radiation Division
U.S. EPA Region 5
77 West Jackson Street
Chicago, IL 60604-3590

IDEM and EPA Contacts: Acid Rain/Deposition

Air Permitting and Compliance Information

Indiana Sources - Permitting and Compliance Questions:

Phone: (317) 232-8603 or (800) 451-6027 (toll free within Indiana)

U.S. EPA, Region 5:

Cecilia H. Mijares
U.S. EPA, Region 5
Air and Radiation Division
77 West Jackson Street
Chicago, IL 60604-3590
(312) 886-0968

U.S. EPA, Headquarters:

Robert L. Miller
Clean Air Markets Division
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20460
(202) 343-9077