ECR: Trading

Can Emission Credits Be Traded or Sold Without Being Used As Offsets?

An emission credit may be transferred by the holder of the credit in whole or in part by any means of conveyance permitted under state and federal laws. Emission credits may be transferred, traded or sold to other parties even when the buyer does not intend to use them as offsets for nonattainment NSR emissions offset permitting requirements. In order to maintain an accurate registry, it is the responsibility of the seller and the buyer of the credits to submit notification to IDEM to update the Emission Credit Registry whenever such transactions occur. Sources should submit an application to notify IDEM that credits have been sold or transferred.

How Are Emission Credits Purchased?

The role of IDEM in the transfer will be limited to providing information on the documentation and registration of emission credits and to providing technical assistance regarding possible future use of the credits being transferred. IDEM will maintain a list of registered Emission Credits, the county where the reductions occurred, the date the reductions were effective, and contact information for the owner of each Emission Credit. IDEM will not be involved in the buying and selling of Emission Credits; therefore, companies or organizations interested in purchasing credits must contact the owners of the credits in order to negotiate terms and conditions surrounding the sale or transfer of Emission Credits.

What Emission Credits are Currently Available?

You can search air permits online to look for registered emission reductions in the IDEM Air Quality Permit Status Search. Emission Reductions that have been registered with IDEM will receive a review request under the Emission Credit Registry permit type. You will need to choose “Emission Credit Registry” as the Permit Type and “Application Received” as the Milestone.