Preparation of the Interim Minor Permit Revision or Minor Source Modification

  • Read all forms and guidelines before drafting the petition.
  • Calculate the potential to emit of the proposed construction.
  • Determine all applicable rules and regulations (state and federal).
  • Draft the Petition for Interim Minor Permit Revision or Petition for Interim Minor Source Modification and the Affidavit of Construction (available from the table below).
  • Sign and date the drafted Petition.
  • Sign and date the Affidavit of Construction and have it notarized.
  • Fill out the Interim Petition Checklist (available from the table below).
  • The completed interim petition package with the appropriate non-refundable filing and review fee shall be submitted to the Office of Air Quality following address:/li>

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Office of Air Quality, Air Permits Administration MC 61-53
ATTN: Incoming Application
100 North Senate Avenue, IGCN 1003
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251

Make the fee payable to Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Please choose the account number for the interim permit according to the type of source where the new construction will be located and write this account number on the check:

  • Minor Source Operating Permit: 3240-140600- 411000
  • Title V Source: 2760-150000- 410500
  • FESOP or SSOA Source: 2760-150000- 410400

A permit applicationshall be submitted at the same time or at a reasonable time from the submission of the interim petition.

OAQ will approve or deny the petition for a minor permit revision or a minor source modification (by phone) within nineteen (19) days of the receipt of the petition.