NetDMR is a U.S. EPA web-based application for submitting monitoring results for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Industrial Waste Pretreatment (IWP) permits issued by IDEMs Office of Water Quality. NetDMR has two methods of submitting monitoring results, direct screen based data entry or file import using Excel and comma separated value files. After December 31, 2016, all required monitoring results must be submitted using NetDMR with attached Monthly Report of Operation or Monthly Monitoring reports. NetDMR is Indiana’s choice for implementing Phase 1 of the Federal eReporting Rule for individual and non-stormwater NPDES and IWP permits.

Who should report through the NetDMR system?

All permit holders in the state of Indiana that are required by an NPDES or Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment (IWP) permit to submit monitoring results must submit the results using NetDMR. In addition, the Monthly Report of Operation (MRO) and/or the Monthly Monitoring Report (MMR) must be electronically attached to the NetDMR submission. Notify IDEM ( if you have any questions about NetDMR for Indiana.

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On May 19, U.S. EPA migrated the NetDMR application to its CDX system. The new web connection to NetDMR is found at: The CDX helpdesk can be found at: The EPA CDX helpdesk telephone number is (888) 890-1995.  Although U.S. EPA had notified all NetDMR users prior to the migration, and U.S. EPA, its contractors and IDEM have worked to assist NetDMR users ahead of the migration, many are having difficulties finding the new NetDMR location or logging in. IDEM staff continue to assist as many people as possible, but certainly will not be able to assist everyone who needs it prior to the April 2017 DMR submittal deadline of Tuesday May 30. We recommend that you continue trying to work with the system and calling the EPA helpline, but we also want to reassure you that we will not consider April 2017 DMRs to be late or you to be in violation for DMRs that are submitted after May 30 if the user was unable to submit a timely DMR due to difficulties associated with the migration. Please do not send paper DMRs.