Ground Water Section

The goal of the IDEM Ground Water Section is to protect and assess Indiana's source water. The Ground Water Section provides guidance for public water systems in establishing Wellhead Protection Plans, Source Water Assessment Plans, as well as providing guidance to private well owners and characterizing ground water statewide.

When public water systems assess the drinking water source(s), they can increase both water system and community awareness about possible contamination of the public water supply. Such assessments also provide the means to identify potentially significant causes of contamination for the benefit of the public water systems and the protection of the public health. By identifying potential sources of contamination and using voluntary management of source water areas, communities and water systems may prevent future contamination of source water. They may also avoid the additional water treatment costs associated with cleaning up a contaminated water supply and/or the cost of finding an alternate source of water. Likewise, characterizing ground water through the Indiana Statewide Ground Water Monitoring Network (GWMN) provides awareness of both local and statewide ground water quality. One of the goals of the GWMN is to identify areas of the state that may have impaired ground water quality due to naturally occurring or human influences upon the environment. Through these efforts we strive to protect Indiana's surface and ground water resources and put forward awareness of the importance of protecting water resources for future generations.

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