Auto Salvage

IDEM's Auto Salvage Program takes a comprehensive, integrated approach to addressing environmental problems originating from the auto salvage facility sector in Indiana. The program includes a compliance assistance manual [PDF], workshops, and confidential compliance assistance. Staff from the Compliance and Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) are available to provide confidential phone and on-site assistance for those auto salvage yard recyclers requesting assistance with environmental regulations. CTAP can help auto salvage recyclers understand and stay in compliance with environmental regulations.

Mercury Switches Removed from End of Life Vehicles

Indiana law requires each motor vehicle recycler to remove all mercury switches from each end of life vehicle when it is received. To be in compliance, you will need to obtain an End of Life Vehicle Solutions (ELVS) bucket to collect and return mercury switches. Once you receive a bucket from ELVS, you will need to remove all mercury switches on-site and place them in the bucket (maximum of 450 switches per bucket). You can use the pre-paid shipping label and return the full bucket to ELVS (use the same cardboard box you received to ship the bucket back to ELVS).

IDEM will pay you $3.00 for each mercury switch and $5.00 for each ABS G-force sensor or other component containing more than 10 mg of mercury that you recycle through ELVS. You may submit a claim for payment to IDEM for all mercury switches, ABS G-force sensors and other components containing more than 10 mg of mercury you remove and send for recycling through ELVS. Use the Indiana State Form "Claim for Payment for Mercury Switches from End of Life Vehicles” (available on the IDEM Forms page) to request payment.

Indiana law requires IDEM to pay using direct deposit. When sending your first claim for payment, you must include the following forms: the Automated Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement Form (State Form 47551) and a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form (IRS Form W-9). The forms are available on the Indiana Auditor Forms page.

Send your claims for payment to:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Office of Program Support, Mercury Switch Program
100 North Senate Avenue IGCN 1316
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251

For additional information on the Mercury Switch Program, please see IDEM’s Mercury Switches Removed from End of Life Vehicles Fact Sheet (available on the IDEM Fact Sheets page) or contact the Office of Office of Program Support.