Voluntary Idling Program

While burning fuel is necessary to move goods, some of that fuel is wasted due to inefficient practices such as excessive idling. Increasing your company’s fuel efficiency reduces petroleum consumption, fuel costs, engine wear and maintenance costs, diesel emissions, and noise.

There are many alternatives to idling that range from no-cost options to options costing several thousand dollars. Much depends on the extent of the idling problem and the ability to convince the truck operator to adopt the alternative(s).

In order to assist freight carriers and manufacturers, distributors, and retailers located in Indiana in reducing or eliminating unnecessary heavy-duty diesel truck idling, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has developed the Voluntary Idling Program (VIP) for Cleaner Air.

After your company has signed up to become a VIP partner you will receive additional information that will help your drivers stop their idling habits.

The following pages provide additional information about the Voluntary Idling Program:

  • Freight Carriers:
    • Information for truck drivers, owner-operators, and fleet managers.
  • Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers:
    • Information for manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and shipping receivers.
  • Partners:
    • Interested in signing up your company for the VIP challenge? See what other Indiana businesses have become VIP Partners.
  • Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Answers to common questions regarding vehicle idling and the VIP program.
  • Diesel Idling Facts and Myths:
    • The facts about diesel engines and idling.
  • Resources:
    • VIP news releases, articles, and printed materials.
  • SmartWay Technology Savings Package Calculator:
    • The calculator is designed to help truck owners compare the costs and estimate the fuel savings associated with various efficiency technologies.
  • Join the Voluntary Idling Program:
    • Complete, print, and sign the Voluntary Idling Pledge and mail it to the address on the top of the form (form available on the IDEM Forms page).

In Central Indiana, another great resource for learning how to reduce idling is the Central Indiana Clean Air Partnership (CICAP).