SmartWay Technology Savings Package Calculator

Significantly reducing or eliminating unnecessary idling can add up to big savings in fuel costs each year. A typical heavy-duty diesel engine burns about one gallon of fuel for every hour it idles. If this truck idles for 4 hours per day (300 days per year) at a price of $2.60 per gallon for diesel fuel, this idling will cost roughly $3,100 per truck annually.

Idle reduction technologies that save fuel or use fuel more efficiently can pay for themselves through fuel savings in a relatively short period of time. They also help reduce harmful tailpipe emissions and improve the State of Indiana's air quality.

U.S. EPA SmartWay Program is designed to help truck owners and operators compare the costs and estimate the fuel savings associated with various efficiency technologies. You can also calculate how long it will take fuel savings to repay loans if your company decides to upgrade trucks with fuel-saving or emission-reducing retrofits.