VIP Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can my company join the Voluntary Idling Program?

IDEM encourages companies to make a voluntary pledge to promote the reduction of unnecessary engine idling. For more information call (888) 672-8323.

2. Why should my company reduce or eliminate unnecessary idling?

Unnecessary idling wastes fuel, money and increases harmful tailpipe emissions that contribute to the formation of ground level ozone, acid rain, climate change and are harmful to public alone or in combination with other substances. By reducing or eliminating unnecessary idling, it decreases our nation's dependency on foreign oil, reduces fuel costs, engine wear and maintenance costs, harmful tailpipe emissions and noise.

3. How much will it cost my company to sign up to become a VIP partner?

Signing up to become a VIP partner is free. VIP partners are encouraged to invest in employee training and support materials to better educate their staff about techniques to reduce or eliminate unnecessary idling.

Some VIP partners may decide to purchase and install idle reduction technologies. These devices allow truck drivers to turn the engine off, without sacrificing driver comfort. Purchasing and installing these devices requires an upfront investment, but significantly reduces fuel consumption and can pay for themselves in a relatively short timeframe.

4. Will reducing the truck's warm-up time hurt the engine?

Always follow the manufacturer's recommendation for minimum warm-up time. Today's diesel engines do not need to idle for long periods of time before and after driving. Most engine manufacturers recommend that newer engines run for approximately 3 to 5 minutes before driving.

5. Why did IDEM create the Voluntary Idling Program?

In Indiana and across the country, pollution from diesel engines is a growing concern. Numerous scientific studies have shown that exposure to the pollution from diesel exhaust increases the risk for several serious health problems, including respiratory illness and cancer.

The VIP is designed to encourage companies to go above and beyond federal and state requirements by making a voluntary commitment to reduce or eliminate unnecessary vehicle idling. This program can help companies green their image, save money, fuel and reduce wear and tear on their vehicles. Reducing harmful tailpipe emissions also improves air quality and helps the State of Indiana attain and maintain compliance with federal health-based air quality standards.