Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers

Diesel exhaust from heavy-duty diesel trucks poses a health risk to both drivers and other employees of your company. As idling trucks wait to be loaded or unloaded, diesel exhaust concentrates at ground level and can pollute the air in and around the trucks and can also enter your company's building(s) through air intakes, doors and open windows.

There are many benefits to reducing the amount of time that your company's trucks idle each day. Reduced idling helps protect the health of your company's employees, reduces the air pollutants that contribute to ground level ozone, fine particles in the air, and global warming. Reducing idling also saves money by lowering fuel consumption, maintenance costs and increases the life of your trucks' engines.

The Voluntary Idling Program helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers improve air quality and conserve fuel on their campus by adopting campus-wide no-idling policies.