Available Weapons

Under the 1033 Program Criteria, law enforcement agencies may request and receive weapons that are deemed surplus/excess.  Weapons requests are for Law Enforcement Agencies only.  Only the featured weapons below are available.  The weapons request process is very slow.  Once the request has been approved by the State Coordinator, it is then forwarded to LESO.  The timeframe for LESO to send the Weapon Transfer agreements to the State Coordinator is approximately two months.  After receiving all monies and completed paperwork, the Item Manager at Rock Island has up to 60 days to ship the weapons to the applicable LEA.

To start the process, determine whether you are requesting weapons from the 1033 program or from another Law Enforcement Agency.  If you are requesting weapons from the 1033 Program, please fill out the Law Enforcement Agency Weapons Request form.  If you are requesting weapons from another LEA, please fill out the Law Enforcement Agency Transfer form.  The original copy of the request form must be mailed to our office, but you can send a fax copy to get the process started.

Mail requests to:                                                         Fax Requests to:
Indiana State and Federal Surplus                          Indiana State and Federal Surplus
LESO 1033 Program                                                 LESO 1033 Program
Attn: Christina Hamilton                                            Attn: Christina Hamilton
601 W. McCarty Street Suite 100                             317-234-3699                               
Indianapolis, IN 46225

If you are requesting a Weapons transfer from another agency, our office will need the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Transfer Request form filled out and signed by both agencies before the transfer can be approved and completed.  Under no circumstances can an LEA transfer or receive weapons from another LEA until our office and LESO approve the transfer.

Upon receipt of your weapons, please fill out the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Serial Number Request form and fax it to Christina Hamilton's attention at 317-234-3699.  This needs to be done no later than two weeks after you receive the weapons.  Also, you must fill out the ATF form 10 to register the rifles with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.  Please fax a copy of the ATF form(s) to Christina Hamilton to 317-234-3699.

Below is the link to access all the required forms mentioned on this page along with links to information regarding allocation limits, modifying weapons and destruction of weapons.



These are the weapons currently available through the 1033 Program:

If you have a damaged weapon or no longer need the weapon(s) and no other LEA wants it, please fill out the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Weapon Turn-in form and wait for further instructions from our office.