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WHEREAS, state government recycling efforts have significantly reduced the amount of waste generated at state facilities and the related costs of waste disposal; and

WHEREAS, improved pollution prevention and air quality efforts within state government and by state government employees will continue to decrease demand on natural resources to the benefit of all Indiana citizens; and

WHEREAS, environmentally sound policies often create economic, as well as environmental benefits, and

WHEREAS, state government and its employees recognize the importance of setting an example in efforts to improve Indiana's environment; therefore, state government activities should support sustainable products and services;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Frank O'Bannon, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Indiana, do hereby order the following steps to be taken:

  1. Immediate Steps for Greening the Government

    The following requirements are effective July l, 1999, except as noted, as policy for all state agencies, The Departments of Administration (IDOA) and Environmental Management (IDEM), will assist and monitor agencies in pursuit of these goals.

    1. State agencies shall appoint a recycling coordinator who will be responsible for implementing the following policies, and who will act as their agency's liaison with the State Government Recycling Program.

    2. By September 30, 2000, all state facilities shall recycle office paper, newspaper, beverage containers, and other items, unless it is determined by the State Government Recycling Program that implementation is not feasible for a given facility.

    3. Agencies shall duplex (double side) all copy and laser printing operations. Exceptions will be made when current technology does not allow for this provision or when specific documents require single-side printing. Whenever possible, new copy and printing machines will have duplex capabilities.

    4. Agencies shall purchase re-refined lubricating oil and recycle it through the same vendor in a closed-loop system. This policy does not preclude the future use of bio-based oils.

    5. In order to maximize employee participation, IDOA will provide educational resources, tools to measure success, and minimum standards to ensure employee access to recycling programs. An awards program will also be established to recognize agencies and/or employees who implement additional procedures that positively impact the environment. The program will be implemented by October 1999.

  2. Greening the Government Taskforce

    The listed agencies shall appoint representatives to the hereby created Greening the Government Taskforce. Agencies required to participate on the taskforce are the Department of Administration, Department of Environmental Management, Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, Department of Correction, Department of Natural Resources, Family and Social Services Administration, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, State Police, Department of Labor, Personnel Department, and Department of Health.

    IDOA and IDEM will each appoint a co-chair to the taskforce. Outside experts may be utilized to provide technical support and assistance to the taskforce.

    The taskforce will provide guidance to improve the environmental performance of state operations. This guidance shall be completed on or before Earth Day, April 22, 2000. Specifically, the taskforce will develop guideline and aggressive measurable goals for the following tasks, and will establish criteria for IDOA and IDEM to monitor implementation of these guidelines.

    1. Establishing recycling collection at all state facilities. Taskforce will evaluate the following methods at a minimum; requiring recycling contracts throughout the state, requiring integrated solid waste management contracts, requiring that any state contracted waste hauler also provide recycling services, and requiring that all property lease agreements include recycling pick-up.

    2. Purchasing energy efficient and recycled content items. Taskforce will evaluate a broad range of items regularly purchased in state operations. Recycled content items shall be of equal or better quality and the price shall be competitive considering current price preference standards.

    3. Enhancing pollution prevention, energy efficiency and source reduction activities in government operations. These guidelines will include at a minimum: energy efficient operational policies, construction and deconstruction guidelines, lead and mercury assessments for state facilities, lease and vendor requirements and pollution prevention policies for printing, cleaning, painting and vehicle maintenance operations. An alternative fuel vehicle use policy should also be established.

    4. Establishing employee transportation options. Options to be reviewed shall include at a minimum: telecommuting, alternative work schedules, carpooling, and parking cash out. The benefits of these options, such as a reduction in vehicle miles traveled, reduction in air pollution, reductions in leave time and improved work productivity will be thoroughly addressed by the taskforce.

    State agencies will be required to follow this guidance and to report progress annually to the Departments of Administration and Environmental Management.

  3. Paperless Office Project

    It is hereby recognized that the Government Management Information System Team is currently working to implement several statewide operational changes that will reduce paper requirements in state government. These efforts are supported as a significant step toward the waste reduction goals outlined above.

State SealIN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I set my hand and cause to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Indiana on this 22nd day of April, 1999.

Frank O'Bannon Signature 

BY THE GOVERNOR: Frank O'Bannon Governor of Indiana

ATTEST: Sue Anne Gilroy
Secretary of State