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QPA, RFP 9-36

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The New Approach to Equipment Maintenance

In May 2008, the State of Indiana established a pilot program for an Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP). As a result, the State confirmed that by having an Equipment Maintenance provider assess risk based on the equipment portfolio as a whole and price accordingly, the State would save on maintenance repair costs and be more knowledgeable about their equipment fleet service needs.

After the favorable impact of the pilot program, the Indiana Department of Administration established a Quantity Purchase Agreement (QPA 11437) with the Remi Group for an EMMP on January 1, 2010, via a competitive bid process. The State obtains a minimum of 25% savings off of the existing service provider or 25% of the industry risk assessment service price.

Benefits of the Remi EMMP

Cost Reduction

Reduces current equipment maintenance expenditures by 25%.

Singular Contract

Consolidates all of your current service contracts into ONE comprehensive program, eliminating the high costs and inefficiencies of administering multiple equipment maintenance contracts.

Choice of Service Vendor

We work with national and local service companies and will dispatch your preferred service provider. This gives you the ability to choose your preferred service providers based on responsiveness and quality of service. This ensures that you are receiving the highest level of maintenance service.

Service Management System

You are provided a toll free number to place service requests. We manage your service request from start to finish ensuring that your equipment is serviced in a timely manner.

Online Management Reports via Remi Online

Online reports enable you to easily access information such as equipment inventory, repair history, equipment performance, and service provider performance.

Guaranteed Budget

Protects your maintenance budget by providing a “capped cost” solution.

Typical Situation

Most organizations purchase maintenance contracts from various equipment manufacturers or authorized service providers in the event that maintenance service is needed on the many types of equipment that have been purchased for the organization.

The Remi Group Solution to consolidate multiple service agreements into one contract


How to receive a quote

Existing Maintenance Contracts

Send copies of your existing maintenance contracts to Aimee Goodman your Account Services Representative.
Fax to (704) 887-2916

No Maintenance Contracts

Download and fill in this pre-formatted template (Excel) for the equipment that you would like quoted.

Email to Aimee Goodman at

Receiving Your Quote

You should expect to receive your quote within 7 business days depending upon the size and the number of equipment items included in your quote.

Your Account Services Representative will email you a soft copy of your quote.

A Program Manager will follow-up with you to review your quote and answer any questions.

A Program Manager may schedule a face-to-face meeting to review your quote, answer questions and review the implementation guidelines with you.

Account Management

The Remi Group Contact(s)

Aimee Goodman
Account Services Representative (Quotations, Billing, Questions)
(704) 840-1031 or toll free at  (888) 451-8916

Elizabeth Barnes
Program Manager (Primary Contact)
(704) 840-1038 or toll free (888) 451-8916

Michael Van Derveer
Chief Operating Officer (Secondary Contact)
(704) 602-0878 or toll free (888) 451-8916

State Contact

Hailey Kendall
Vendor Contract Manager
Indiana Department of Administration

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