Internal Affairs & Audits

Chief Counsel
Robert Bugher
(317) 233-6984

Mailing Address:
302 W. Washington Street, Room W-341
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The IDOC Internal Affairs Division oversees Departmental Investigations, Security Threat Groups, Fugitive Apprehension, Fusion Center Watch Officer, Correctional Police Officers, and Investigative Technology.

  • IDOC Fugitives: WANTED

  • Cell Phones and Social Media Tips
    Policy on Offenders Using Social Media: The use of social media sites by offenders/students in the custody of the Indiana Department of Correction is strictly prohibited. These sites are a security violation and will be shut down. If you suspect or know of an inmate who is in violation of this policy, please report the suspicious activity or website to Internal Affairs through the Cell Phones and Social Media Tips page ( Internal Affairs will notify the appropriate social media site(s) and request that the offender's page(s) be taken down.


Chief Investigator
Todd Tappy
(317) 232-0270

Deputy Chief Investigator
Jaime Raderstorf
(317) 234-9752

Intelligence Officer,
Christian Elozia
(317) 233-3416

IIFC Watch Officer
Courteny Fouts
(317) 234-4946

Deputy Chief,
Security Threat Group Operations

Kurt Bensheimer
(317) 402-5004

Fugitive Apprehension Officer
Terry Moore
(317) 232-3416

Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center

The mission of the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center (IIFC) is to collect, evaluate, analyze and disseminate information and intelligence data regarding criminal and terrorist activity in the State of Indiana while following Fair Information Practices to ensure the rights and privacy of citizens.

For more information, contact the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center at or by calling our 24 hour center at 1-866-400-4432.