Navigator Precertification Education (PE) Program Criteria and Resources

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Indiana Code, Administrative Code, and Subject Matter Content Outline

An Indiana Navigator Precertification Education (PE) program must meet the criteria codified in IC 27-19-4-11(b) and 760 IAC 4-8. In addition, all Navigator PE programs and study materials should follow the Indiana Navigator Subject Matter Content Outline. The Subject Matter Content Outline identifies and classifies entry level knowledge that Indiana Navigators need to properly serve Hoosier health insurance consumers.

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Exam Score Report

The Indiana Navigator Certification Examination Score Report identifies the subjects that will be tested on the Indiana Navigator certification examination as required by IC 27-19-4-11(c) and 760 IAC 4-3-5. All questions on the certification examination are outlined on the Score Report. The Score Report will be updated periodically and may not be consistent with outdated study materials. Where such discrepancies exist, the Score Report takes precedence. For additional information on preparing for and registering/scheduling an examination, please visit

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NOTICE OF DISCONTINUANCE OF NAVIGATOR PRECERTIFICATION EDUCATION TRAINING RESOURCES.  Effective January 19, 2018, the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) is discontinuing its Navigator precertification education (PE) training resources available to Navigator PE providers offering Navigator PE courses in order to align with IDOI goals and priorities for Navigator precertification education.  The training resources being discontinued include the Indiana Navigator Training Resource Manual, Version 3.0 (last updated January 2017) and four (4) Indiana Navigator Training Resource Modules (last updated January 2017). 

IDOI Navigator PE training resources may no longer be submitted with new or renewal Navigator PE provider applications.  Applicants must submit new and updated course materials that adhere to IC 27-19-4-11, 760 IAC 4-8 and the Indiana Navigator Subject Matter Content Outline.  Past training resources published by IDOI may be used for developing new and updated course materials.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Matt Tapp at or 317-232-2414.