Training Academy

The "Mission First" Team

  COL Arthur Bottorff

Training Academy, Indiana Guard Reserve, provides an outstanding educational institution for the IGR and the State of Indiana. Training Academy cultivates excellent leadership characteristics and provides professional development and military training. Training Academy develops leaders by instilling qualities of physical, mental and spiritual strength.

Training Academy offers six programs of instruction to enhance the education and performance of members of the Indiana Guard Reserve. These programs of instruction include:

Course Descriptions

Basic Training Academy

Provides instruction to non-prior service members to acquaint these members with proper wear of the uniforms, military formations, close order drill, military customs and courtesies as well as other related subjects. This program is three days in length and is conducted at Annual Training at Camp Atterbury.

Basic Noncommissioned Officer Training Academy

The purpose of this course is to prepare enlisted members to perform the duties expected of a non-commissioned officer in the various assignments such members will have in the Indiana Guard Reserve. This program includes drill & ceremony, close order drill, first aid, map reading, communications, duties & responsibilities of a non-commissioned officer, decision making, problem solving, sexual harassment, leadership and other related military subjects. This program is one year in length and begins at Annual Training. Formal graduation takes place the following June for the candidates who successfully complete the course.

Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Training Academy

This course of instruction is designed for senior noncommissioned officers (E7, E8, & E9). This course assumes that the students enrolled have had a variety of military assignments and thus builds on this foundation. The subject matter is very broad, focusing on the role of the senior NCO at all levels of command. The students are expected to contribute their input in the form and manner of case studies. This program is one year in length beginning in January, and is conducted exclusively by senior NCO's in Training Command.

Officer Training Academy

This program of instruction, in effect, is very much like the NCOTA (see above) but at a higher level. The purpose of this course is to teach the candidates how to think and comport themselves as officers. Included in this program are such subjects as command & control, responsibilities of command, problem solving, self motivation, military correspondence, logistics, intelligence, drill & ceremony techniques, effective communications, a CPX and other related military subjects. This program is one year in length and begins at Annual Training. Formal graduation and commissioning takes place the following June for the candidates who successfully complete the course.

Advanced Officer Training Academy

AOC provides aspiring field-grade officers an opportunity to better understand and to learn information needed to lead the various functions and missions within the IGR.  Participants will develop advanced leadership skills while discussing topics related to command climate, strategic leadership & vision, legal issues, supervision, training & operations, decision-making, military officer ethics, customs & courtesies, diversity, community engagement and relations, and public relations. Command lectures are often provided from senior officers.

This course is seven months from November to July. Participants will be expected to maintain a level of fitness expected of a military officer, complete all course assignments (written and oral presentations), and complete a final project. Attendance is required (one absence permitted). The Advanced Officer Course academic learning expectation level will be comparable to a post-graduate level course of study appropriate for field-grade officers.

For more information contact MAJ Will Smith at

Commanders Leadership Certificate Program

The purpose of the IGR Commanders Leadership Certificate Program (CLCP) is to enhance the training and experiences of field grade and general officers in the Indiana Guard Reserve. Participants will strategically analyze and discuss military events; challenge and educate other officers in aspects of organizational leadership; learn, control, and evaluate strategic and tactical civil affairs operations; and further develop individual leadership and analytical skills in a group environment.

The CLCP includes advanced readings and directed training. Attendance is required. The CLCP is a seminar format at the academic learning expectation level comparable to a graduate level certificate course of study. The CLCP is limited to approximately 25 participants solely at the discretion of the Commanding General.

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Academy Enrollment

To apply for admission to any Training Academy course of instruction, please visit our "Apply for Schools ..." page, and fill out and submit the online form. Your application will be forwarded to the appropriate course manager, and to your unit commander, to begin the enrollment process.

Training Academy Command and Staff Personnel

Commander COL Arthur Bottorff
Executive Officer CPT Mike Reddick
Command Sergeant Major  
Chaplain CPT Lew Weiss
Director of Instruction LTC Darrell Bowman
OIC Officer Candidate School 1LT John Summerlot
OIC Advanced Officer Course MAJ Will Smith
OIC Commander's Leadership Cert.  LTC Tom Jackson, Jr.
Commandant LTC John Fish
Administration / Operations / Logistics Chief  
NCOIC Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course SSG Tommy Back
Instructor 1LT Peg Bottorff
First Sergeant SSG Jeremy French
Staff NCO SGT William Kistler
Staff NCO SGT James Wall
Staff NCO SGT Barry Ulerick