Needed Items

Although the Indiana Guard Reserve is an branch of the Military Department of Indiana, it receives very little direct government funding.  As a result, its "all-volunteer" service members must generally acquire any needed uniforms and field equipment at their own expense.  If you would like to help support the mission of the Indiana Guard Reserve, one way to do so would be to donate any unwanted military uniforms, field gear, or supplies you may have.  Below is a list of just some of the kinds of uniforms and equipment that would help the IGR further its mission of "Hoosiers serving Hoosiers":

  • Uniforms:
    • Army Combat Uniforms (ACU) - Men's and Women's
    • Army Service Uniforms (Green - Class A/B) - Men's and Women's
    • Army Service Uniforms (Blue - Class A/B) - Men's and Women's
    • Army Dress Uniforms (Blue) - Men's and Women's
    • Army All-Weather Coat (Black) - Men's and Women's
    • Army Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) items (ACU pattern)
    • Army Improved Physical Fitness Uniforms:
      • T-shirts (Gray - Short or Long Sleeve)
      • Trunks (Black)
      • Running Jackets (Gray and black)
      • Running Pants (Black)
      • Knit Cap (Black)

  • Load-Bearing Equipment (preferably ACU pattern):
    • Load Carrier Vests
    • CamelBak Hydration Carriers/Bladders
    • Waist Packs
    • Web Belts
    • Canteen Pouches
    • Radio Pouches
    • Rucksacks
    • Medic Sets

  • Field Gear:
    • Field shelters (command post/crew/personal)
    • Sleeping bag systems
    • Ponchos and liners
    • Canteens
    • Para-cord
    • Whistles - plastic
    • Multipurpose tools
    • Navigation Compasses
    • Flashlights
    • FRS Radios with privacy codes

  • Consumables (full cases preferred):
    • Meals Ready-to-Eat (MREs)
    • Heater Meals
    • Bottled Water
    • Batteries for flashlights

If you have any questions about donating to the IGR through the IGSC, please feel free to contact us at:

Indiana Guard Support Corporation
Tyndall Armory
711 North Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204-1128
(800) 237-2850 extension 2660

If you would like to donate material goods that may be of use to the Indiana Guard Reserve, please download our "Gift-In-Kind" donation form, fill it out, and bring it to the address above, along with your donation.