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Legal Update, January 2018 – Online Training

ILEA Staff Attorney Tim Cain presents Indiana Case Law Update from 2017 that are of importance to Indiana Law Enforcement Officers. This training contains one hour of video and a downloadable outline that reviews a number of important Court of Appeals and Indiana Supreme Court decisions. This training is available on FirstForward and is Free for Indiana Law EnforcementClick here to begin!

Academy To Host Free Crime Analysis Workshop

The ILEA will be hosting a free Executive Workshop - "Building Analytical Capacity". The two-day course will be held April 10-11, 2018 at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, Plainfield, Indiana.

This workshop is presented by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADSLEST), with support from the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

"Building Analytical Capacity" is a 2-day class for law enforcement executives and commanders on building a first-rate crime analysis capability, whether you’re just getting started or making adjustments to an existing program. Attend with supervisors, officers, analysts (if you have them) and prosecutors from your agency to build a customized action plan.

The workshop is approved for credit toward continuing education requirements by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What to expect from crime analysts.
  • How to make effective use of crime analysis.
  • How to best support and manage a crime analysis capability.
  • Methods to improve data quality, policy, and training
  • How to develop effective CompStat models.
  • Successful implementation of philosophies like hot spot policing and intelligence-led policing.

To Register:
Send attendees’ names, titles, agencies, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers to

  • Registration is first-come, first-serve & seating is limited .
  • The workshop runs from 09:00–17:00 both days.
  • We ask you to bring an agency team, but solo attendees are allowed.
  • There is no cost to attend the workshop.

New 2018 Basic Academy Handgun Qualification Course of Fire

Effective February 19, 2018 this new 50 round course will be required for all approved LETB Basic Academies, including the Pre-Basic course. Please view the linked informational video and downloadable outline on the course of fire. After viewing the video and outline you can forward any questions to the ILEA Director of Firearms Training Lt. David Kipper at

ILEA Introduces New Fee Structure

Effective July 1, 2017 the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy will begin charging fees for services that have previously been supplied free of charge. Click here to read the memo from Law Enforcement Training Board Chairman - Douglas G. Carter outlining the necessity for this change in policy and a list of the new fees.

Earn College Credits for ILEA Basic Training!

A number of colleges have partnered with the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy to give college credit for classes completed in the ILEA Basic Course curriculum.

Each college has awarded credit for different classes and the total number of credit hours differs from college to college. Some of these colleges will award the credits without a fee.

An officer wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should contact the registrar at the college of thier choice. Click here to see the list of participating colleges.

An Open Letter to the Indiana Criminal Justice Community: Re: Dangerous Drugs

Attached here is An Open Letter to the Indiana Criminal Justice Community: Re: Dangerous Drugs from Douglas G. Carter, Superintendent of the Indiana State Police. In it, Superintendent Carter stresses that it is imperative that everyone handling controlled substances be cognizant of the hazards that are inherent with some drugs and take appropriate precautions.

The Indiana State Police Laboratory’s Drug Unit has identified fentanyl and carfentanil in casework samples. Several overdoses have been linked to these drugs and they can pose significant dangers to those exposed to them. For your own safety, please take a moment to read Supt. Carter's letter and the accompanying Special Bulletin from the ISP Laboratory Division about the precautions you should be taking with these dangerous drugs.

Click here to dowload the Special Bulletin from the ISP Laboratory Division & Supt. Carter's letter.

New CSI Class Format Approved!

The LETB has approved the new CSI class format from the original 4 week CSI class to two 2 week classes.

The first 2 weeks will be designated Level 1 and will basically contain all the original classes such as photography, latents, sketching, legal aspects, forensic documents etc. There will be two written tests and several practical’s.

Level 2 will be comprised of the more advanced classes such as Blood pattern analysis, DNA, Forensic Entomology, Anthropology, and court room testimony. There will be two written tests and several practical’s as well. Please note that you must have successfully completed Level 1 before being registered into the Level 2 class.

To be eligible to apply for CSI certification, both levels must have been successfully completed. The fees for the classes have also changed. The two Level 1 classes for 2017 will be May 1-12 and July 10-21. The date for the Level 2 class is Sept 11-22.

ILEA End of Year Report 2016

The ILEA End-of-Year Report for 2016 is now ready and available for review.

CLICK HERE to view this summary of last year's activities at Indiana's center for law enforcement education.



ILEA Monument to Honor Fallen Officers Erected

The ILEAA (Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Associates), our Alumni Association, has purchased this beautiful black granite memorial dedicated to those officers who have given their lives in service to the profession.

This monument was recently erected in the yard immediately in front of the main entrance to the academy.

This monument is just one of several donations the Association has made to the Academy.  The Alumni Association is a totally private organization and was founded after the financial constraints of the 2008 recession.

Alumni Association membership is open to any officer who has graduated from any of the LETB certified basic training academies in the state.

Membership to the Association is $25.00 per year. Memberships purchased now are good through December of 2017.  For more information about the ILEAA or an application, contact President Diane Sweeney -

In-Service Training for Reserve Officers

The passing of House Bill 1242 mandated the LETB to establish mandatory in-service training programs for reserve officers effective July 1, 2015.  The LETB has approved the same requirement as for your paid officers.

Reserve officers will have to obtain a minimum of 24 hours of training annually to include: 2 hours of firearms, 2 hours of emergency vehicle operations, and 2 hours of physical tactics/use of force.  The LETB has adopted the following language as a preliminary policy until such time as a new Administrative Rule can be established:

“It is the responsibility of the appointing authority to verify the training was presented under the provisions established by 250 IAC 2-7-1.  These verification records are to be retained by the appointing authority for inspection by the Board, its executive director, or an authorized representative.”

FirstForward Now Providing Free ILEA Online Training

You can find NEW online training from ILEA at:

Link to FirstForward

ALL of the online training from ILEA is free to any Indiana Law Enforcement Officer on FirstForward. Creating an account on FirstForward is also free for Individuals and Departments. Department Training coordinators can be granted Organizational Admin rights with the ability to assign and track training of members of your department. Here is what is really cool; any completed training can easily be submitted to ACADIS with a few clicks.
Individuals can go to to sign up for your free membership on their own or they can be invited by the Organizational Admin.
Department Training Coordinators and Department Heads can setup your Department account and assign an Administrator by contacting FirstForward at (812) 330-7101 or email:

Secured Communications Grants Now Available

Motivated by recent events, within the Law Enforcement community, Secured Solutions, LLC is offering a private grant program that awards agencies cost-free, no obligation, no limit to the number of licenses and full usage for a full year of their secured communications application. Secured Communications protects all non-radio communication by and between dispatch, officers, investigators and supervisors from eavesdropping that could significantly affect officer safety. The system also protects public safety and/or investigative integrity. And more importantly, Secured Communications expands and simplifies inter-agency communication and mobile connectivity for multi-agency incident responses, major investigations, inter-agency information sharing and terrorist incident/disaster recovery response situations. Please contact Lonny Wilder - or call (972) 746-1559 for more details and/or if you would like to see the 30-minute demo. This is time sensitive as funding is predicated on a first come basis.

LETB Proposes Rule for Annual Training Required for Reserves

The LETB has drafted and submitted to the Legislative Services Agency, and other State agencies having roles in the administrative rulemaking process, a proposed Rule for Annual Training that would be required for Reserve Officers.

A public hearing on the proposed rule will be held on August 10, 2016, at 10:00 a.m., in Room 35, at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, 5402 Sugar Grove Road, Plainfield, Indiana 46168.

To learn more about this rule and what it will mean to local agencies, head over to our "Legal Notices" page for all the details.

"I Speak" Language Identification Guides to Download

When law enforcement officers encounter someone with whom they are unable to effectively communicate, they can use the “I Speak” language identification guide. The pocket-sized guide features laminated, spiral-bound cards containing the phrase “I speak [name of language]” in 80 different languages from around the world, plus 10 indigenous dialects from Central America.

- Download the “I Speak” guide to print on 8.5”x11” paper

The “I Speak” guides enable public servants to request interpretation services for the correct language by allowing literate individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP) to quickly indicate the proper language for which interpretation is necessary.

When the person has indicated which language he or she speaks, the officer should follow the dictates of his or her agency’s language access plan. Most often this will involve contacting an on-call language interpretation service with whom the agency has a contract.

Indiana’s judiciary is committed to ensuring that courts’ and law enforcement officers’ interactions with non-English proficient individuals are fair, trustworthy, and intelligible. The Court Interpreter Program Advisory Committee of the Commission on Race and Gender Fairness developed the “I Speak” language identification guides for distribution to courts and law enforcement officers throughout Indiana.

Customize the guide for your agency or jurisdiction.

Anyone interested in obtaining a high-quality file to download and customize for their own organization should contact Staff Attorney LaKesha Triggs at A Court Reform Grant from the Indiana Supreme Court made possible the development, production, and distribution of our state’s “I Speak” Language Identification Guide.

ILEAA Commemorative Brick Project

The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Associates (ILEAA) recently announced its Commemorative Brick Project which will recognize donors and officers, past and present, in the law enforcement services. A portion of the brick sales will then be dedicated to helping support Academy training functions and purchasing Academy equipment.

These bricks will be sold for $50.00 and will be engraved with these names and displayed by the front entrance of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. For more information: CLICK HERE.

Grants Available to Law Enforcement

The Indiana Attorney General is offering a grant program for training officers in the use of Narcan (for opioid overdose).  The following letter (which has been edited slightly for length) and the accompanying link introduce this program.

(Submitted for use by Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller on Nov. 25, 2015)

In recent months, law enforcement officers in our state have gone beyond the call of duty to serve another mission – to save lives that would have been lost to prescription drug or heroin overdose.  The number of heroin overdoses in Indiana has more than doubled in the last few years.

While many officers already are trained in first aid, CPR and basic first response procedures, the drug overdose epidemic and many avoidable deaths have created new challenges for officers who primarily focus on enforcing laws.

Throughout our state, 55 law enforcement agencies have been trained to administer naloxone – also called Narcan – which is a fast-acting antidote to an opioid-induced overdose. 

Now, instead of waiting for medical assistance to arrive, law enforcement can act fast to administer naloxone. Within minutes or even seconds, the opioid effects are blocked, breathing is restored and a life is saved. In the short time since law enforcement was granted civil immunity to administer naloxone, at least 165 lives have been saved across Indiana. 

A new grant program has been created to support more widespread use of this life-saving tool. The grants are open to nonprofits registered with the State Department of Health to distribute naloxone kits and provide training on the use of naloxone to law enforcement and other first responders.

More information on the naloxone grant program is available at:

ILEA Sportswear Now Available!

Exclusive ILEA sportswear is now available though Rev Graphics.
Check out their on-line store HERE!

Instructor Identification Numbers

In order for in-service students to ensure that the training they receive is from a certified LETB instructor, the instructor identification number has been modified to reflect both the instructor’s expiration date and in what areas the instructor is certified to teach.
New instructor cards coming from the Academy will reflect this new ID number, and current instructors are asked to add the prefix and suffix to their present numbers when signing training rosters or producing training certificates. This new system is effective immediately.
Click here to read the Executive Order for all of the details.

Mandated In-Service Training

Information on all Mandated In-Service Training can now be found HERE.

ILEA Physical Fitness Standards Testing Protocol Video Now On-Line!

A new video demonstrating proper technique and typical protocol violations that occur during testing is now ready for viewing on-line. This video, which is presented by the ILEA's Lt. Steve Guthrie, is recommended to all students prior to training for the fitness test.

Lt. Guthrie is assisted by several officers from different departments, including: Troy Torrence & Jennifer Holt - ISP, Kristen Sprunger - Grant Co. SD, Jennifer Fults & Emily Peek – State Excise Police, Bruce Barnes - Noblesville PD & Michael Anderson – Anderson PD.

Click here to find the video on our Physical Fitness Standards page.

On-line Report Writing Modules Now Available

For those needing a few hours to complete your 2013 in-service requirement, do not forget the on-line Report Writing modules. A new module ["Using Mind Mapping" 45 Min. (10.01 CSV015)] was recently posted.

In addition, prior Basic students who have graduated within the last two years also have a” Writing Improvement Program” for department or individual use included within the Basic Course Report Writing Materials that they were issued while at the Academy. This material is designed to be easily adapted by department LETB instructors to be usable for satisfying part of the annual in-service requirement.

Check out all of our on-line training at:

Updated Crime Scene Investigation Manual Now Available

An updated edition of the very popular Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement is now available. The Guide discusses the fundamental principles of investigating a crime scene and preserving evidence and contains everything you need to know in order to yield reliable information.

Originally released in 2000, the updated version is intended for use by law enforcement and other responders who have responsibilities for protecting crime scenes, preserving physical evidence, and collecting and submitting the evidence for scientific examination. The Bureau of Justice Assistance funded the effort to update the Guide. The day-to-day work was done by the National Forensic Science and Technology Center.

To read or download the updated version of Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement click here.

Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Associates

ILEAA is an alumni-style organization which was created primarily to support training at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy through contributions and equipment purchases.

The ILEAA is also empowered to provide assistance to the other Law Enforcement Training Board (LETB) academies. The ILEAA Board of Directors is entirely composed of academy graduates, one from each of the seven (7) basic training academies (ILEA, ISP, IMPD, NILEA, SWILEA, IU and Fort Wayne).

If you value your academy experience and would like to support future academy improvements, the Executive Committee of the ILEAA invites you to become a member.

Voting membership is offered to those who have graduated from one of the LETB approved basic training academies, but Associate and Sustaining (business) memberships are also available.

For further information or an application, please visit the ILEAA webpage. Then send your membership application to the ILEAA, care of the Community Foundation of Morgan County by downloading the application and mailing a hardcopy along with your $25.00 annual membership fee to:

56 N. Main Street
Martinsville, IN 46151

History, Creation and Function of the ILEAA:
The possibility of creating an alumni association was first discussed in earnest in 2010, but the concept had been considered decades earlier. After several years of deep budget cuts, much of the training equipment at ILEA was in serious disrepair. A method for replacing some of this equipment outside of the normal budgeting process was badly needed. It was at that time that several ILEA staff members began investigating how an alumni association could help.

During the early discussions, the possibility of an association which was directly attached to the Academy was investigated. It was then determined that a better approach might be to create a totally independent association with the core purposes of supporting the basic training function, purchasing equipment and providing instructor training for all of the academies.

By its final signing ceremony, on November 1, 2012, the ILEAA had its bylaws further modified to allow for partnering with a not-for-profit community foundation. The Community Foundation of Morgan County was ultimately chosen. With the ILEAA partnering with the Community Foundation of Morgan County, most contributions will immediately be tax deductible including the $25.00 membership fee.

The staff and instructors at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy are excited about how this Association could potentially make major contributions to upgrading equipment and supporting training endeavors. They invite you to join them if you feel the same.

To see a slideshow from the ILEA's Charter signing by it's Founding Members, CLICK HERE.

ILEA Reporting Instructions Now On-line!

You can now download and print “Reporting Instructions” for all ILEA classes. Go to our “Calendar” page and click on the month of the class. Then click on “View” beside the course name. You will find link for the “Reporting Instructions” after the course description, near the bottom of the page. We are also now emailing “Instructor Certification” cards to the departments. Soon to follow will be “Instructor Requests”. If you have any questions please call Niki Smythe at (317) 837-3250.

Acadis Information Update!

We have had several questions from police departments regarding the Acadis System.  Listed below are some of these issues and questions and hopefully answers that will help for a smoother operation.

  1. You can now connect to Acadis from three different links on our site; the "Acadis Portal" logo in the left navigation column of this website, the Academy "billboard" photo on our homepage, or the link under "Online Services" in the upper right corner of this site. Any of these links will take you into the Acadis portal.
  2. When reporting in-service training to Acadis only report full-time and part-time sworn police officers and reserves.
  3. We ask that you please put the reporting department’s name under the space that calls for a course number. This will allow the person that is approving training to know what department is reporting. At this time, there is no other space for this.
  4. When reporting in-service training please provide us with the certified Provider Number or certified Instructor Number under Instruction Provider in the slot marked Type.
  5. When reporting in-service training, please DO NOT report classes that your officer has taken at the ILEA. Those classes have already been recorded in their files.
  6. Remember, instructors should only claim 4 hours of in-service training hours of courses instructed by them. The other 20 hours must be as a student in a certified LETB class.
  7. RESERVES ARE TO BE REPORTED THE SAME AS SWORN OFFICERS. After a meeting with the Executive Director it was decided that reserves should be reported the same as sworn officers. Remember, it is only suggested and not required that each reserve officer obtain the 24 hours of in-service training. Most reserve officers are not in the Acadis System. If they are not, each department will be required to submit a New Hire Form for each reserve officer. Once we receive this form and manually input your reserves, the system will then give them a PSID number which will be emailed back to you.
  8. Departmental Data forms are due at the end of the year or by March 31 of the next year. By the end of 2010, there should be a form to fill out on the Acadis home page for you to submit for this.
  9. When submitting training through Acadis each officer will need to have a PSID number before submitting their training. This can be done through the New Hire Form on the home page.
  10. When entering training into Acadis, we ask that you only enter training for the officers in your department.
  11. When reporting in-service training, an instructor’s number can be used if they present the class or oversee the training, not if they are a student in the class.
  12. Out-of-State training is good training only if the agency presenting the training is either certified through LETB or through the other State’s POST Agency.

We hope this answers some of your questions, and remember if you have any other questions please feel free to contact the registrar or records departments.

Commentary on LETB/ILEA Instruction in the Use of Less Than Lethal Force

Click here to read Lt. Bob Black's commentary on LETB/ILEA Instruction in the use of Less Than Lethal Force.

In his commentary Lt. Black refers to an article, originally published in the LETB UPDATE, Volume XVI, No. 4, December 1998, which explains the ILEA's reasons for changing the phrase commonly used to identify training in use of less than lethal force from"defensive tactics" to "physical tactics".  That original article can be viewed by clicking here. 

Important Message About ILEA Course Payments!

The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy cannot accept payment prior to the start of a class. Payment is due when your officer(s) checks in on the first day of training. Our business section can invoice your department or payment can be made by check, money order, cash or purchase order.

(Click here to download the Human Trafficking Guidebook & related materials!)

Annual Reporting of In-Service Training Due by March 31!

The Annual Reporting of 24 hours of In-Service Training for the previous calendar year is due by March 31 of each year.

IC 5-2-1-9(g) requires an Indiana law enforcement officer to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 24 hours of in-service training each year in order to be eligible for continued employment as a law enforcement officer.

LETB Guidelines for E-Training

The Law Enforcement Training Board (LETB) has established guidelines for allowing training presented primarily through electronic means to be counted for the annual 24 hour continuing education requirement for certified officers.

The responsibility for determining what type of training and the quality of the training falls to the department training officer and chief executive officer as it always has with the more conventional modes of training.

The LETB has established the following guidelines:

  • The terms e-learning or e-training mean that the majority of a class is presented through an electronic means, e.g., streaming video, podcasts, CD or DVD, other computer-based or similar modes, or via television.
  • The department training officer approves e-training, with the concurrence of the agency head, concerning the subject matter.
  • The training officer determines if the class is of sufficient quality to meet the annual training requirements for Indiana police officers. In making this determination, the training officer could use the following criteria as well as others:
    1. specifically evaluate the content of the program to be employed.
    2. require learning or performance objectives be supplied by the provider.
    3. require or create an examination of student performance based on those learning goals.
  • A training officer must then be satisfied that appropriate learning has occurred and may use the following approaches (or others as applicable) to make this determination:
    1. the training officer personally observes the student-officer taking the class at the training site.
    2. the training officer tests or otherwise examines the student-officer or has the officer demonstrate the skills that were to be taught.
    3. a post-test is given establishing that a minimum of 75% of the training objectives have been learned.
    4. a pre- and post-test are administered showing significant improvement of knowledge or skills for that particular subject.
    5. the training should be reported using the training officer's PSID number that conducted the program.

Indiana Certifies Crime Scene Investigators

The Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board has approved the certification of crime scene investigators. The forensic methods employed by the scientific community, the high standards demanded by the courts and the public's increased expectation for the identification, collection, and preservation of physical evidence has focused the need to hold the crime scene investigator to a higher standard.

The crime scene certification process, approved by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board, was a cooperative effort between the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, the Indiana State Police Laboratory Division and its quality assurance program and representatives of agencies from across Indiana. While voluntary and cost free, the certification establishes a minimum standard of training and experience in order to become certified.

If interested, contact Lt. Rick Kiefer at (317) 837-3280 or e-mail
or click here for more info.

ILEA Cancellation Policy Now In Effect

If your department needs to cancel a student from an ILEA in-service class, it must be done no later than five (5) working days prior to the start of the class. If a student does not show up or cancellation is made any closer to the start of a class your agency will be responsible for payment in full of this class.

Facility Use Fees

Here's a list of the ILEA facility use fees effective July 1, 2017:
Rates and hours charged are per day (full day or any part of the day).

Facility Rates Credit Hours*
EVO (Track, Skill Pad) $500 20
Pit Car $425 17
Skid Car (Regular "Pit" or "Spin" Car) $425 17
Skid Platforms $750 30
Simulators (AMOS) $750 30
ILEA Vehicle Usage (per vehicle) $350 14
ILEA Vehicle Usage (per vehicle)
(applies to "Basic" academies only)
$100 4
Firearms Training    
Indoor Firing Range $350 14
Outdoor Handgun Range $350 14
Outdoor Shotgun Range $350 14
Tactics and Simulations Bays-Non Live Fire $350 14
FBI & DOC No Charge  
Tactical Engagement Center  (T.E.C.) $475 17
ISP & IMPD No Charge  
Other Academy Facilities    
Classroom $250 10
Cottage $250 10
Computer Lab $500 20
Gym or Mini Gym $250 10
Swimming Pool $350 14
Conference Room $150 6
Chaplains No Charge  
Learning Resource Center $350 14

If other supplies or services are requested there may be an additional charge. 
Verify with the Business Section.


Cancellation Policy (This applies to facility fees and course fees) :

5 Business Days or more No Charge
Less than 5 Business Days Payment In Full

Food and Lodging Only:

- Breakfast $4.00
- Lunch $7.00
- Dinner **Temporarily Discontinued** $7.00
Lodging:  Per Bed / Per Night $25.00

Miscellaneous Charges:

Duplicate Certificate $25.00 per copy
Grade Transcript $25.00 per transcript

Notice: Rates are subject to change each July 1st.