Current Pre-Basic Sites

This List Updates Frequently

The following is a list of locations where the Pre-Basic Courses are being conducted. 
Interested persons should contact the listed department directly. 
For more information contact Lt. Lance Burris at (317) 837-3265
Fax (317) 839-5380.

Click here for Pre-Basic Course Instructions.

Elnora PD TM Fleming 09-02 to 12-02-17
Fortville PD Major Shelley 10-10 to 12-01-17
Butler  PD Jared Stamper Oct ? to 12-04-17
Bicknell PD Chief Stremming Oct ? to 12-30-17
Indiana State Excise Sr Officer Sunier 11-06 to 12-29-17
North Vernon PD Det Megel 11-04 to 12-23-117
Henry Co Sgt Dean Nov-Dec
Starke Co Jeremiah Patrick 11-06 to 12-06-17
Rockville PD Ass't Chief McMichael 11-11 to 12-11-17
Vermillion Co Deputy Whallon Nov-Dec
Chesterfield PD Chief Ingles 11-13 to 12-17-17
Knox Co Major Vantlin 11-15 to 12-15-17
Alpha & Omega Prof Coy Monroe 11-30 to 12-13-17
Kouts PD Dolores Mueller 12-01 to 01-31-18
Silver Lake PD TM McGlennen 11-15 to 01-15-17
Michigan City PD Capt Harris ASAP to 12-31-17