Pavement Preservation Program

INDOT works hard to keep the pavement of our highways lasting for many years, perhaps even past a typical life cycle.  A lane mile of highway can cost more than $12 million to build – a huge investment.  Just as you protect an asset like a vehicle or home with routine maintenance, INDOT protects its investments with pavement preservation.

Pavement preservation techniques include placing a seal over the road, repairing small cracks in the pavement, or replacing the top ¾” of pavement. Benefits of pavement preservation include improved safety, smoother ride, fewer construction delays, better appearance, greater value and lower taxpayer cost.

In 2010, INDOT developed comprehensive guidelines for pavement preservation for the purpose of improving INDOT's pavement preservation practices. The goal of this Pavement Preservation initiative is to formalize preventive maintenance activities and determine the optimum balance between preventive maintenance expenditures and capital expenditures.

Most INDOT pavement preservation work is performed by INDOT employees, who can do much of this work at a higher quality and lower cost than contractors. In Fiscal Year 2016, INDOT completed more than 1,400 lane miles of preservation work at a cost of about $15.5 million. By contrast, pavement preservation by contractors in FY 2016 totaled 262 lane miles at a cost of around $20.4 million. Pavement preservation work by contractors typically involves heavier treatments on higher traffic volume roadways.

INDOT’s pavement preservation initiative optimizes construction dollars and keeps Indiana's pavement in better condition. Just $1 spent on pavement preservation can save $6 to $14 on future repairs. In FY 2016, INDOT's pavement preservation efforts generated more than 11,177 additional lane mile years at a cost of about $35 million.

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