Land Survey

The Land Survey Section is responsible for establishing project specific geodetic control; placement and location of aerial image ground control; the maintenance and administration of Indiana’s statewide GNSS-GPS real time network, known as InCORS, as well as the INDOT benchmark database; providing geodetic and cadastral survey support; establishing survey specific standards, policies and procedures; and providing timely technical expertise, training, and support for all INDOT survey activities. In addition, the Land Survey Section establishes, administers, evaluates and procures new and emerging technologies in field survey equipment and systems for INDOT.

Surveying provides the foundation and continuity for route location, land acquisition, design and construction of capital projects related to transportation engineering. Surveys establish a basic "network" of horizontal and vertical control which is essential for the stakeout of proposed engineered designs during the construction, and for any future re-establishment of that terrain or highway right of way.


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Lietz SDR 24
INDOT Benchmark 1981
Indiana Department Of Transportation Benchmark 1989
State Highway Commission Of Indiana Benchmark 1919
US Army Corp Of Engineers Survey Mark
Topo Tape
Topo Tape Close-Up
Brock & Weymouth Engineers, Inc. Example

U.S. Engineering Department - BM M 47
Bottles, Pots, Pans - Marking the Surveys of the US Coast, Geodetic Survey, NOAA

Contact Information


Donald Mohid
Survey Support Technician-Land Survey
Indiana Department of Transportation
120 S. Shortridge Rd.
Indianapolis, IN46219
317-610-7251 ext. 290

Brad Rainey
Field Survey Technician-Land Survey
Indiana Department of Transportation
120 S. Shortridge Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46219
317-610-7251 ext. 293

Gordon Keith, J.R.
Field Survey Technician-Land Survey
Indiana Department of Transportation
120 S. Shortridge Rd.
Indianapolis, IN46219